enlight304I won’t say much as these things always bore me, but my given name is Jean-Marie. Unless you’re my parents, don’t call me that. Please. You can however, call me Johnny, an unfortunate nickname from my youth. I actually like it so no crude jokes.

I am a mother to a 4-year-old princess. There is no such thing as a dull moment around her to which I am extremely grateful. I picked her name from Rachel Weiss’ character in The Mummy (I always wanted to be an Egyptologist, so why not force that upon my daughter for life?). I’m also a proud cat-mum to a Maine Coon boy named, Bynx (different spelling but if you love Hocus Pocus like me, you’ll know why I wanted this).

enlight277I’m an Admin Manager in a law firm and in the spare time that I get, I also write. I’m currently writing my first draft (it feels like I’ve been writing it since the beginning of time) and I actually hope to have it finished this year, so ya know, watch this space and all that.

I like to read Fiction, YA, Sci-Fi, Romance and the odd Contemporary or Biography when the mood suits me. I’m not the biggest fan of Horror or Crime. It’s the suspense and threat of nightmares after reading them that I can’t stomach.

If you want to know more, anything from my age to what colour my toenails have been painted, then drop me a message. I don’t bite and would welcome any conversation.

P.S. I have spoilers in my reviews. Not all of them but probably the vast majority. I do try not to give anything away but sometimes I really can’t help it! Uncontrollable fangirl!

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