38974356I won’t say much as these things always bore me, but my given name is Jean-Marie. Unless you’re my parents, don’t call me that. Please. You can however, call me Johnny, an unfortunate nickname from my youth. I actually like it so no crude jokes.

I am a mother to a 2-year-old princess. There is no such thing as a dull moment around her to which I am extremely grateful. I picked her name from Rachel Weiss’ character in the Mummy (I always wanted to be an Egyptologist, so why not force that upon my daughter for life?).

I am a Manager in a law firm, admittedly I’m only in Admin but I have no desire to study Law. I’ve heard and seen it’s incredibly stressful.

I like to read Fiction, YA, Romance and the odd Contemporary or Biography when the mood suits me. I can’t deal with Horror or Crime. It’s the suspense and threat of nightmares after reading them that I can’t stomach.

If you want to know more, anything from my age to what colour my toenails have been painted, then drop me a message. I don’t bite and would welcome any conversation.

P.S. I have spoilers in my reviews. Not all of them but probably the vast majority. I do try not to give anything away but sometimes I really can’t help it! Uncontrollable fangirl!

Instagram: @aurora_sights

Twitter: @JeanMarieTruter

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