Just A Girl…

‘Just A Girl’ by Carrie Mesrobian


Published: 28th March 2018

Format: Hardcover, 304 pages

Synopsis: Senior Rianne Hettrick-Wynne has had her share of hookups and parties in small-town Wereford, Minnesota. Now volleyball season is over and her once-solid friendships are unraveling, while an all-of-a-sudden relationship with Luke Pinsky is weirdly becoming serious. Add to that the possibility of getting kicked out of her house, and Rianne is desperate to make a plan that doesn’t include going to college or working at Planet Tan for the rest of her life. At the same time, her divorced parents have started cohabiting again without any explanation, making Rianne wonder why they’re so intent on pointing out every bad choice she makes when they can’t even act like adults. That’s not the only question she can’t answer: How is it that Sergei, a broken-English-speaking Russian who makes his own vodka, is the only one who seems to understand her? And why, when she has Luke, the most unattainable boy in Wereford, all to herself, does she want anything but? Perhaps most confounding is the “easy girl” reputation that Rianne has gotten stuck with by doing the same things that guys do without judgment or consequence. If they’re just being guys, then why can’t Rianne just be a girl?

Wow. This book was not good. Yet I understood it and connected to it in a level that is extremely deep. And what does that say about me? It was is no way positive, it wasn’t even entertaining, I’m actually surprised I managed to finish it at all, and yet it is probably the most truthful book I’ve ever read. It’s a very ‘meh’ book, quite boring for the most part and I don’t even think I could take money off someone to sell it.

“Even having this sex was boring. Uninteresting. She tried to make good sounds so he wouldn’t notice.”

You can get your copy here

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