Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince…

‘Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince’ comics by V.E. Schwab are epic introductions to Maxin Maresh.

Issue One, 10th October

Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Imagehalf star

I really enjoyed it! I have the Ashcan preview to this so I kinda knew which way this issue was going to go in but I was blown away by the rich colours and how the story fits so well into a comic style. Another thing I noticed is that you can tell Schwab wrote it, her voice is undeniable and it adds so much depth and atmosphere to the images on the page. It’s a wonderful experience to hold this comic in my hands – I cannot imagine how Schwab must feel. She continues to out do herself. One thing which I found confusing (no way a slight on Schwab or the story itself) is that I struggled in the middle to understand what was happening between the frames. I have this issue with any comic that I read, but I will only get better at understanding the sequencing and the scenes if I keep reading more of them. COME AT ME ISSUE 2.

Issue Two, 14th November


Wow. I felt like this issue was over before it even begun. I flew through it and everything made sense! There was no confusion on my part and I am totally invested in this story. We meet the Pirate Queen and she is one badass b*tch. She doesn’t hold back and I know that I am in for one hell of a ride in the third issue. Also, I would also like to note here, that the illustrations in this series are incredible, especially those of the Pirate Queen.

Issue Three, 19th December


Hoaaah. I loved this issue! It was full to the brim with action and even though I’m still having trouble imagining it all in my head, it was enjoyable to read. The colours are particularly vibrant and I found them to enhance the scenes quite well. With regards to the plot, the pacing was on point and I think the overall story works really well in comic form. I’m actually worried for Isra in the fourth comic however, I’m lucky in the fact I have read the A Darker Shade of Magic trilogy so I know that no real harm befalls her. Still, I know the next issue will have me on the edge of my seat.

Issue Four, 16th January


I found the conclusion in much the same way I found the previous three issues: full of colour, full of action and with a deeper respect for the amazing world Schwab has created. Again, and it’s a fault of mine, I did find the action panels difficult to keep track off. Also, I realised that I got confused between Maxim and * a fair amount, they look alike except for the Maxim has more colour to him but when the panels are dark and they don’t make much sense to begin with, well, I got confused A LOT. However, I enjoyed it immensely and perhaps I have some rose tinted glasses on.

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