Shelflove’s ‘Kingdom of Ash’ box…

Before this, I had never ordered a Shelflove Crate special edition box and I didn’t know what to expect. They had two box options available: Standard box or a Deluxe box. Before the sales for these boxes went live, they revealed that the deluxe box would include a custom, numbered funko pop by Dust and Pages. And, well, how could I resist that? I have over 40 pops, and consider myself a fan of the figurines so the decision of which box to get wasn’t exactly hard. I went deluxe.

Included was:

• Passport holder designed by NoveranTale

• Character cards designed by Morgana0Anagrom

Hello Witchling, Hello Princeling and To Whatever End candles by Flick the Wick, label art by Gabriella Bujdoso

• Map of Erilea blanket designed by Ink and Wonder Designs

• Exclusive The Cadre magnetic bookmarks designed by Naomi Lord

Straight outta Terrasen beanie by Shelflove

• Exclusive The Thirteen ceramic mug designed by Kat Adara

• Exclusive Library quote tote bag ‘Libraries are full of ideas, perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons’ designed by Blanca Montiel (formerly Miss Phi)

• Celaena’s chocolate mug cake mix by Meadow Tea with label designed by TaratJah

Lord of the North necklace

• Exclusive matching quoted pillowcases, ‘You could rattle the stars’ & ‘You could do anything if only you dared’ designed by Stella Bookish Art

• Exclusive Spin the Sword enamel pin designed by Dust and Pages

• Limited edition, numbered custom Aelin Funko created by Dust and Pages

Wow you guys! I mean seriously, this box was fucking amazing (sorry not sorry for my language – it’s totally justified here)! I actually love everything in this box and can see myself using every single item. In fact, I’ve had this box for less than 48 hours (I live in the UK and customs took well over 10 days) and I’ve already slept with the pillowcases and the blanket. The beanie is perfect for this time of year and I’m really digging the colour. Teal is so underrated. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT PIN THOUGH. It actually blows my mind when I look at it! It’s beautiful. Ruthie at Dust and Pages is a genius and her funko of Aelin (inspired by the cover of KoA) is breathtaking. It’s currently standing guard in front of my Throne of Glass collection. Also, those character cards are phenomenal. I want to frame them and look at them forever.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another special edition box from Shelflove. They’ve put so much thought and detail into this box (their spoiler card is brilliant!) and it really shows. Each item is perfect for the series and the quality is so high. It was 100% worth the money I paid for the box (including the shipping and customs). I’m incredibly happy with everything and I have a silly smile on my face. Please check out this company if you haven’t already!

Items listed above are pictured below.



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