Faecrate’s ‘Kingdom of Ash Hangover Recovery Kit’ box…

This was my first ‘hangover recovery’ box from Faecrate. I saw they’d done a few for other fandoms prior to the announcement of this one and I had always hoped they would do a box for Kingdom of Ash. I’m so glad they did! Before the sales went live for this box, they released early sneak peaks of two of the items: a plushie of one of the characters and a blanket with artwork by Gabriella Bujdoso and MAN WAS I EXCITED.

Included was:

• Exclusive Bromance: Dorian and Chaol candle by A Court of Candles

• Exclusive Ash & Fire wall hanger by Hello World

• Exclusive Chaol & Yrene/Sartaq & Nesryn double sided art print by Danimariedraws

• Exclusive Aelin’s chocolate cake drinking chocolate by Albion Tea Co

•Exclusive Survived Maas Destrustion enamel pin by LKDesign Studio

• Exclusive Shine Brightly pillowcase by Catarina Book Designs

• Exclusive Chaol & Dorian bromance sticker by Iparwing

• Exclusive Rowan Plushie by Faecrate

• Exclusive Aelin’s Court blanket designed by Gabriella Bujdoso

I would like it to be known now, that I am in love with the blanket. It is slightly on the smaller size – I am a short human and my feet stick out from under this blanket but it is the perfect size for watching TV and just being ultimately snuggly. Especially when you’re cuddling your own Rowan in plushie form! The artwork on the double sided print is stunning and captures exactly how I pictured Yrene and Nesryn, the wall hanging is of course already up and is guarding my aptly sloganed pin. The candle smells divine and I am yet to try out the drinking chocolate. The sticker is waiting for a home at the minute and the pillowcase is supporting my back as I am writing this. Basically this box was worth every penny (even the customs I had to pay) and I love each item! Great job!

Items listed above are pictured below.

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