Faecrate’s ‘Band of Misfits’ box…

This was only my second Faecrate box (custom charges are tough) but I was excited for it! I saw the Six of Crows art and nearly lost my mind over it.

Included was:

• Exclusive Six of Crows crossbody tote designed by Gabriella Bujdoso

• Exclusive Percy Jackson pop socket and sticker designed by Leaphere

• Exclusive Roar inspired patch designed by LK Design Studio

• Exclusive Raven Cycle collectors polaroid illustrated by Pigeon Princess

• Exclusive Aglionby Boys essential oil potion by Nerdy Potions Co

• Raven feather necklace diffuser

• Exclusive Young Elites art print illustrated by ReiRachel

• ebook download for Ruthless Magic by Megan Crewe

Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria, including letter by the author and signed bookplate

So, that bag. Guys, you cannot imagine how hard I squealed when I pulled it out. It’s incredible! And I love that it’s a crossbody instead of the usual tote bag (not that I have anything against them! It’s just a variety is always better). The diffuser necklace is pretty elegant and it literally goes with any outfit. It’s soon to be a staple of my workwear. The essential oil and the pop socket aren’t items that I would usually pick out for myself but I’m gonna make a go at using them.

Items listed above are pictured below.

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