‘Vengeful’ by V.E. Schwab was full of feeling and bite.

Synopsis: It’s been five years since the events that saw Eli being captured and Victor being resurrected by Sydney. Not much has changed, except that Eli is now both a prisoner and a consultant to EON – a police force dedicated to neutralising EO’s. Victor’s rebirth has changed something fundamental about his power and he seeks a cure before something becomes final. Not only that, there are new players on the board and they are angry. All the character progress to one evening, and it’s make or break.

The same crew are back in this book, however they have all hardened and/or been changed by the events in Vicious. Victor is undoubtedly different and the majority, if not all, his time since the ending of Vicious has been dedicated to finding a cure for him. Sydney physically hasn’t changed but her ambition and drive to become better has been influenced by Victor’s predicament and this has caused her to grow up. Mitch is the same – although there is no chocolate milk in this book. Dominic has turned his life completely around and he’s the best soldier. Eli, much like Sydney, has not physically changed but his mental state could be questioned. We get to see a bit more of Eli in this book and we are given the tools to understand why he is the way he is and I will admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for him.

There are plenty of new characters in this sequel too and they are pretty powerful. We meet a woman named Marcella in the beginning of the book and though her reason for being introduced isn’t immediately clear, we know that she’s a key player. And I have to say, I liked her straight off the bat. She’s got an unrestrained outlook on life and how she should be treated like any man worth his merit. I found her power to be so extra (especially considering how she did and her last words) but I was down for the ride that she was going to take me on. We also meet a woman named June. Her power is amazing and there are so many things you could do with a power like it that it’s no wonder she becomes close to Marcella.

I followed Schwab’s journey on social media whilst she wrote this book and she admitted that it was an angry book. There is a lot of anger here and it’s mostly from the female characters. They’re tired of being used, abused, downtrodden, collected and viewed as things rather than treated as people. And I get that. We are currently in a world with a #metoo movement, a world where a child sits in the Oval Office thinking it’s a throne room and in a world where equal pay is still laughed at. I’m angry too and I really connected with Marcella. Schwab no doubt put all her feelings into that character and so it’s no surprise that Marcella ruins things that she touches. I was practically salivating when she ashed her piece of shit husband.

Of course I loved it. I’ve told everyone that is both willing and unwilling to listen about it and I just want everyone in the world to read this book. There are so many things we could all learn from it but not only that – it’s an amazing piece of work and Schwab should 100% be proud of herself because the hardship she went through to write this book was hella worth it from where I am sitting. Was it better than Vicious? It has a lot more bite to it, there’s deeper feeling to it, and the characters we love are more damaged. Vicious is a great book, but Vengeful is rightly on the step above it.

“Perhaps she was glass. But glass is only brittle until it breaks. Then it’s sharp.” 


I received this exclusive edition through Illumicrate’s special one time ‘Magic & Mayhem’ box.

You can get it here

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