Owlcrate’s ‘Vicious & Vengeful’ box…

This is Owlcrate‘s very first special edition box and I’m so glad that they chose to base it around Vengeful‘s release. I’m quite new to these books (I only read Vicious two months ago) but I knew that I was going to love it, because, it’s Schwab. There was no warning for the date that this box was to go on sale and I just so happened to be late going to bed one evening, when I saw that Owlcrate had opened sales. I didn’t even think about it, I had a real out of body experience but I remember thinking ‘I hope I’m not too late and I can snag myself a box!’. I’m so happy that luck was on my side because I know that many people missed out.

Included was:

• Signed first edition of Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

• Victor and Eli exclusive candles. By Wick and Fable

• Mitch’s Chocolate Milk exclusive lip balm. By Wick and Fable

• Exclusive Vicious inspired socks. By Will Staehle & Michelle Gray

• Vicious quoted exclusive pillowcase. By Stella Bookish Art

• Victor Vale style hardcover notebook. By Hey Atlas Creative

• Eli & Victor art print and Sydney, Dol & Marcella double sided bookmark. By Melanie Bourgeois

• Author letter, exclusive sticker and mini Marcella enamel pin.

All these goodies came in a bigger (and darker) box than usual and this gave me my first clue that the box was going to be special. There were many more items than I was expecting there to be. Owlcrate always do a great job of packing their boxes to the brim but this outpaced all the previous boxes I had received. I loved that they stuck to the red and black theme of the book and its contents and you can really tell that Schwab worked closely with them on each item. The socks are one of my favourite items and I’m not ashamed to say that I have already worn them. The pillowcase! You guys, it’s the best one I have received to date. And the artwork! Melanie is such an incredible artist (you should check out her Red Queen work) and she’s really brought these characters out from the page!


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