Illumicrate’s ‘Magic & Mayhem’ box…

Illumicrate are a fantastic company! I’ve been a loyal customer for over a year now and I’ve loved every box, however, their special edition boxes are by far the best out there. They always make such an effort and their hard work really shows in the items and designs they pick. When I heard that they were going to be doing a Schwab box, I nearly died with excitement because I knew that they would take the utmost care and thought for each individual item. So I bought it, without hesitation. And it was the best decision. (Eli) Ever.

Included was:

• Signed Illumicrate exclusive cover of Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

• Double sided tote bag – Shade of Magic inspired design on one side, and Vicious inspired design on the other. By Rowa Tree

• Kell and Lile at the Essen Tasch ball art print. By Victoria Ying

• Lila Bard quote designed pouch. By Stella Bookish Art

• Tarot style character cards. By Lorena Lammer

• As Travars keyring, Vicious inspired enamel pin and four Londons scarf. All by Fable & Black

• Four Londons layered candle. By Amelia’s Kitchen Candles

• As Tascen quote travel flask. By Crini

• Four exclusive character bookmarks. By Merwild

• Night Spire enamel mug. By Temporary Places

• Four London postcards. By Moledro Craft Co.

• Victor Vale style book sleeve. By Illumicrate.

I am genuinely in love with each and every item of this box. I have my favourites for sure but that are all so amazing. I’ve used the tote bag near enough everyday since I got it and the quality is so good. The key chain is of course secured on my house keys, the Lila pouch is a home to my iPad and pencil, and the book sleeve goes without saying. I’ve been using the travel flask for my walk to work in the mornings as well as the scarf for when it’s a bit chilly. Basically, I’m in love with the fact that these items don’t just sit on a shelf collecting dust or in a drawer where no one can see them – they’re items to be used and loved, and they’re all inspired by books (and an incredible author) that live in my soul.

Items listed above, are pictured below – try not to feel jealous!


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