September Wrap Up…


I knew that I wasn’t going to stick to my TBR for this month so I instead focused on reading the ARC’s that I still had lying around. When Elephants Fly was a real tear jerker and I recommended it to anyone that would listen. I also couldn’t stop myself from reading new releases, both Time’s Convert and Wildcard were great and I’m glad I messed my TBR up for them. I made some real headway with the Throne of Glass series reread in anticipation for Kingdom of Ash next month! I made sure to spread the books out, so I alternated between TOG books and ‘normal’ TBR ones. Reading them again has just reinforced all the love I have for the story and the characters.

Queen of Shadows (reread) – Sarah J. Maas – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Heir of Fire (reread) – Sarah J. Maas – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Crown of Midnight (reread) – Sarah J. Maas – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Throne of Glass (reread) – Sarah J. Maas – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

The Assassin’s Blade (reread) – Sarah J. Maas – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Tradition (ebook) – Brendan Kiely – DNF 9%

When Elephants Fly – Nancy Richardson Fischer – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

A Heart in a Body in the World – Deb Caletti – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Imagehalf star

Dry – Neal Shusterman & Jarrod Shusterman – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Imagehalf star

Wildcard – Marie Lu – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Time’s Convert – Deborah Harkness – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image



I don’t think I did too badly with buying books this month. I had three preorders: Time’s Convert, Wildcard & Shades of Light. Both copies of Mirage were from book boxes, as well as Catwoman: Soulstealer & Vengeful. So no instant book buying gratification.

A Curse So Dark And Lonely (ebook) – Brigid Kemmerer

Vengeful (Illumicrate Edition) – V.E. Schwab

Shades of Light (French Edition) – V.E. Schwab

Mirage (Owlcrate Edition) – Somaiya Daud

Mirage (Fairyloot Edition) – Somaiya Daud

Catwoman: Soulstealer –Sarah J. Maas

Wildcard – Marie Lu

Time’s Convert – Deborah Harkness


October TBR

Again, like last month, I’m pretty (100%) sure that I will not read all of these this month. I’m definitely going to carry on with my Throne of Glass series reread and then of course finish it off with Kingdom of Ash. I’m also really wanting to read Muse of Nightmares and Vengeful. They’re such big books though so I’m not counting on being able to read any more than those five books. Fingers crossed that I can even finish them!

Kingdom of Ash – Sarah J. Maas

Muse of Nightmares – Laini Taylor

Empire of Storms (reread) – Sarah J. Maas

Tower of Dawn (reread) – Sarah J. Maas

Show Stopper – Hayley Barker

Vengeful – V.E. Schwab

An Enchantment of Ravens – Margaret Rogerson


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