‘Wildcard’ by Marie Lu was a fitting end.

Synopsis: After the events of Warcross, Emika is keeping low and staying off the radar of Hideo, the man she loves – the man who can now control over 90% of the worlds population. With a bounty on her head, Zero (the hacker who repeatedly infiltrated the Warcross games) offers her a deal – protection in exchange for her help to get into Hideo’s mind. However, as Emika gets closer to the closing ceremony, she realises that everything is not as it seems.

Emika does grows as a character in this book and I think she made the most growth in the last 50 pages. She was a bit slow with understanding Zero and his large end game but she figured it out quickly enough to get the team into his mind. I also thought that Hideo changed a lot. He’s not an evil person and but with the ending of Warcross, it was easy to label him that way. I enjoyed seeing him come back to his true self and that is all thanks to Emika. I actually also, kinda liked Tremaine during Wildcard. He was a good ally to Emika and I wouldn’t mind a short story about him.

There were a few villains in this and I have to say that Zero’s capability is a very scary thought. No one should have that type of power or reach but it’s scary because I don’t think we’re that far off from it in the real world. I understood Zero’s upbringing and constant testing initiated his mindset and goals and there was no hatred in me towards this character because he is a victim through and through.

This is a short review but what you need to know is – I really liked the ending. I thought it was a fair and entirely plausible outcome to the events that happened. Hideo didn’t get off lightly for this actions but Emika found a way to keep him involved and my heart is happy that they’re happy.

“Every problem has a solution. But after every solution, there’s a new problem to tackle, some new challenge to take on.”


You can get it here

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