Time’s Convert…

‘Time’s Convert’ by Deborah Harkness was like coming home.

Synopsis: This is the first novel outside of Deb’s famous All Souls Trilogy and it tells two stories that intertwine: we learn of Marcus’s rebirth over 250 years ago and of Phoebe’s rebirth in modern day. As well as these two storylines, we also got to see how Diana and Matthew are settling into their new family, where surprises are always around the corner.

I was so happy to come back to these characters! Having recently watched Marcus on screen in The Discovery of Witches TV adaptation I was even more eager to see the magic they bring out of the pages. I have to be honest here and admit that I don’t know all that much about America’s Independence war and so a lot of the events and famous names that were mentioned regarding Marcus’s rebirth story went right over my head. It was Marcus himself that kept me reading throughout those parts of the story. Some parts I found boring which really upset my because I was so ready to love every inch of this book. Modern day Marcus is what I know and I understand that his experiences as a youth moulded him into the character I know and love, but I just couldn’t enjoy his origin story.

A bit of Phoebe backstory: she was an employee of Sotheby’s when she met Marcus, who was privately buying some portrait miniatures of his parents (Matthew & Diana) from the 16th Century. This fateful meeting is what kickstarted their romance and inevitable mating. Phoebe didn’t get much page time in the trilogy and so it was exciting meet her on a deeper level especially when that level is her transition into a vampire. I liked how she knew her mind and that she kept to her goal. She had quite a lot of control considering her circumstances and admired her and Marcus for taking the traditional route to their official mating.

I would not be giving this book a proper review if I did not mention how wonderful it felt to come back to Diana and Matthew. I was surprised by how much we get to see of them in this book but loved every moment of it. I really enjoyed the scenes when they all came together as one big family. I’m excited for Philip and Becca’s future as they both have such different personalities and quirks and yet they’re never far from the other. I found it hilarious that Becca got jealous of Philip’s new friend (spoiler averted) and I actually like her having her fathers temper.

This was a difficult review to write and it’s because I didn’t actually know what to say. I enjoyed it, but sadly for me, it didn’t compare to the previous books. Perhaps it was because there was no true end goal other than Phoebe officially mating with Marcus? I don’t know, maybe this book was needed to start something else that would rival the All Souls Trilogy, something akin to a bridge. I liked revisiting this world and enjoyed the vast majority of it.

quote?”Her senses clicked into overdrive. All she could hear was the sound of this beating. All she could smell was his distinctive scent. Her thoughts were only of Marcus.”


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