I received this book from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

‘Tradition’ by Brendan Kiely

Synopsis: When Jamie and Jules meet, they recognize in each other a similar instinct for survival, but at a school where girls in the student handbook are rated by their looks, athletes stack hockey pucks in dorm room windows like notches on a bedpost, and school-sponsored dances push first year girls out into the night with senior boys, the stakes for safe sex, real love, and true friendship couldn’t be higher. As Jules and Jamie’s lives intertwine, and the pressures to play by the rules and remain silent about the school’s secrets intensify, they see Fullbrook for what it really is. That tradition, a word Fullbrook hides behind, can be ugly, even violent. Ultimately, Jules and Jamie are faced with the difficult question: can they stand together against classmates—and an institution—who believe they can do no wrong?

I know that NetGalley allowed me to read this book in exchange for a review about the books content and I know I am supposed to look past any typo’s and missing words and sentences that generally don’t make sense but… but, FOR THE LIFE OF ME I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.

The thing that got me the most, were the words that required an ‘F’ and ‘I’ but missed those specific letters entirely, leading to words like ‘rst’ instead of ‘first’, ‘stued’ instead of ‘stuffed’ and ‘blus’ instead of ‘bluffs’. This may not seem frustrating but when you’re not even a tenth of the way through, and stumble at every paragraph because those letters are missing from a word, and you have to struggle for 10 seconds to understand what’s being said, then it gets really irritating. And if I’m brutally honest, if there was anything decent in that 9% I have read, then I may have put up with this bullshit formatting for the promise of very interesting content but so far its just been a lot of set up and I don’t care for any of the characters.

If the synopsis sounds like your type of thing, then I would advise you to look through the first few pages of the finished copy book for those missing ‘F’s and ‘I’s. If they have them, great! I hope you enjoy your book.

DNF 9%

You can get it here

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