August Wrap Up…


I read a lot of books this month and I am putting it down to having a few days off from work and my daughter being on holiday with her daddy. There was a time in the month where I was reading a book a day and now, at the end of the month, I can officially say that I feel kinda burnt out. My favourite reads this month were: Sanctuary (I really didn’t think I would like it), Catwoman: Soulstealer and Vicious. Least favourite reads where The Lost Witch, Fawkes and of course Dragonfly in Amber.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters – Laini Taylor – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

It Ends With You – S.K. Wright – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Imagehalf star

Vicious – V.E. Schwab – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

The Surface Breaks – Louise O’Neill – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

See All The Stars – Kit Frick – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Fawkes – Nadine Brandes – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Imagehalf star

Sanctuary – Caryn Lix – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

My Plain Jane – Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Heart of Thorns – Bree Barton – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

The Lost Witch – Melvin Burgess – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Warcross – Marie Lu – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Catwoman: Soulstealer – Sarah J. Maas – Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Image

Dragonfly In Amber – Diana Gabaldon – DNF 17%



I technically only bought 2 books this month, the rest where either book subscriptions or eARCs so I feel like I did pretty well. I still have money in my account which I don’t know how to take, is it a challenge? Either way, I’m looking forward to reading These Rebel Waves and The Sisters of the Winter Wood. I’ve heard a few things about them so I’m intrigued. Some of the books on this list I have already read so I’m not adding too much to my larger TBR.

A Torch Against The Night – Sabaa Tahir

The Sisters of the Winter Wood (ebook) – Rena Rossner

The Caged Queen (ebook) – Kristen Ciccarelli

Grace & Fury (Owlcrate Edition) – Tracy Banghart

These Rebel Waves (Fairyloot Edition) – Sarah Raasch

The Bird and the Blade – Megan Bannen

Sanctuary (LitJoy Edition) – Caryn Lix

Sea Witch – Sarah Henning

Catwoman: Soulstealer – Sarah J. Maas


September TBR

The objective for September is to catch up on my ARC list, some of the books below are either releasing in September or early October so I really want to get to them first. They are my priority, however, I am engaging in a Throne of Glass series reread, which I hope to accomplish by reading a book in-between the ones below. One TBR book, one Maas book, one TBR book, one Maas book etc etc. I’m not that fussed about finishing the ToG series this month so if I feel I might not be able to get through this TBR, I will prioritise accordingly. Most looking forward to reading Beneath the Citadel and These Rebel Waves.

These Rebel Waves – Sarah Raasch

Dry (ARC) – Neal Shusterman

When Elephants Fly (ARC) – Nancy Richardson Fischer

Beneath The Citadel (ARC) – Destiny Soria

A Heart in a Body in the World (ARC) – Deb Caletti

Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake


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