Catwoman: Soulstealer…

‘Catwoman: Soulstealer’ by Sarah J. Maas was purringly good.

Synopsis: Selina is offered a deal after years of gang fights and stealing to keep her sister alive – a clean record if she leaves for Italy immediately. After ensuring her sister’s safety, Selina jets off, only to return two years later with the stealth, cunning and skills of a League assassin. Now going by the name Holly, a self absorbed socialite, she sets out to bring chaos to the city of Gotham. There’s only one thing in her way, Batwing. It’s a game of cat-and-mouse but soon a deadly past threat of Selina’s is at their door, and time is running out for her.

I really liked Selina and I even liked Holly. But I loved Catwoman. She’s got some fierce confidence and her mind is whipping good. Selina is the definition of the word ‘determined’ and I was blown away by the depth of her planning. She’s no doubt one of those people who can see 10 moves ahead in chess, Selina is not a woman you want to take on straight ahead. You would need even more cunning to get past her defences which is one of the things that was so enjoyable about this book. She wasn’t caught, until she wanted to be. There’s always an end game, something to keep her going and it was refreshing.

Catwoman has always been this beloved, morally grey character for me and when I found out that Maas was going to be writing her story, I was already head over heels. There is not a character in the DC universe that is better suited for her to write about. It’s almost as if her entire writing career has led her to this point. I say that because her catalogue to date, is full of strong independent women who know how to use their brain and who are capable of looking out for not only themselves, but the people they love. I would hazard a guess, and say that a few of her characters were probably influenced by Catwoman long before she was offered this gig.

There is pages full of action, mini heists, deadly fights and scenes drowning in tension. There is also bonding with like minded individuals, friendships, a budding romance and heartbreaking scenes between sisters. There are moments where I smiled, laughed and tears physically stung my eyes. It was a beautiful story, fuelled by love and family and I can’t stop thinking about it. Catwoman: Soulstealer is definitely my favourite DC Icons novel to date and I honestly don’t know how/if this will be topped. They could honestly use this book as a movie script and I guarantee you, no one would say it was crap.

So to conclude, I ENJOYED THIS SO MUCH, OMG WHY IS THERE NO MORE. I also liked my first encounter with the character of Batwing but was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t more of Bruce in this book (though I suppose he’s already had his time). I loved that the BMW i8 got a mention (my dad has an i3 and I adore it) and I just really wish that there were more books on Catwoman. You hear that Santa?! I also want to point out that there were no cat puns.

“This time, someone would come looking. Hopefully, they’d want to play.” 


I received this in Illumicrate’s August ‘Oh So Criminal’ box & LitJoy Crate’s August ‘Catwoman’ box.

You can get it here

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