Heart of Thorns…

‘Heart of Thorns’ by Bree Barton is a twisted tale of hate and love.

Synopsis: The night before her arranged wedding, Mia is concocting a plan to run away from the castle with her sickly sister, Angelyne, in tow. However, Angie wants to stay and that’s how Mia finds herself at the alter standing opposite her husband to be, prince Quin – that is until he gets shot in the chest with an arrow. Now they are both on the run together to Safe Haven. Mia has always wanted revenge for the Gwyrach (wicked woman with powers) who killed her mother, and she might just get the answers to her questions at their destination. But can she survive the truth? After reading her mothers journal, Mia’s life is about to be turned inside out.

I found myself really drawn to Mia for some reason. I think it’s largely down to how she views her world as ‘black and white’ but then her views slowly change throughout the course of their journey. I think being a Gwyrach herself definitely helped with that and it was actually really nice to see that change in her. Her mothers journal also helped spur the transformation and so did the realisation that her father was always on her side. I sometimes found Quin to be a bit of a wet blanket. He didn’t show much strength or character and he pretty much just followed Mia blindly. I could see their relationship blossoming when they were in the woods on the mountain but after that, I really couldn’t grasp how it continued to grow?

It took a while for me to realise that the whole book is centred around feelings, most notably love and hate. The book started off with a lot of anger, and hate and then it transformed through a series of events and revelations to love. Suddenly Mia admits she does love her father, she does love Quin, and she moves on from those destructive emotions that her sister harbours. Speaking of her sister, that is one twist I did not see coming at all. I found it odd that Zaga went and that she also insisted on Quin going too. A huge sense of foreboding there but despite that little warning, I was still shocked when the truth came to light.

I did enjoy this book and I am definitely going to read the sequel because I can imagine the story is only going to get better. I liked the magic system in this although it was almost to ‘feminist-y’. I’m hoping that this view will change and neutralise in the next book a little. I also didn’t like the continued use of scientific body names.

“For the entirety of human history, weak men have been afraid of powerful women.” 


I received this in Fairyloot’s July ‘The Power Within’ box.

You can get it here

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