Dreams of Gods and Monsters…

‘Dreams of Gods and Monsters’ by Laini Taylor was a great ending.

Synopsis: With Ziri in the White Wolf’s body, and Akiva having gathered the Misbegotten together, the proposed union between these enemies is underway. However, both sides have reason to hate the other and it is a tumultuous ceasefire. Whilst they get to grips with being in each others company, the Dominion have made their entrance to Earth and are discussing arms with the world. Can Karou and Akiva’s dream of peace truly happen?

I’m not sure if I have commented on this before but Taylor’s writing is lyrical. It’s pure magic and I’m honestly not sure how she manages to convey so much feeling and intent into her sentences. She’s able to tap into the way humans behave and it’s just pure amazing-ness. This last book in the trilogy picks up right from whether the previous book left off. We meet a new character named, Eliza, and even though at first it seems as if she doesn’t matter to the overall story arc, she does so pay attention. Same as the last two books, we have multiple POVs, I found myself enjoying Zuzanna’s the most.

I really enjoyed the dance between Akiva and Karou in this book. At first they were denying their attraction, then the admitted it to themselves, and by the end it was almost a desperation between them. I found that Karou’s character didn’t develop as much as it has in the past, and neither really did Akiva’s. The only character’s which I felt developed enough to be mentioned is Liraz, Ziri, Zuzanna and Eliza. They were all quite integral to the story and put the growth down to their connection to the events. Speaking of Liraz and Ziri – I love that story line. It’s one of the best things to come out of the books in my opinion.

Towards the end of the book, Karou and Akiva’s outlook focuses heavily on endings and beginnings. Mainly how, after this war has ended, their future together can begin. I thought about this a lot after I finished reading and the ending of the book is very much a beginning as there is no closure. The war has ended, which I am very happy about but another threat has appeared (reappeared?) and we don’t get to see the outcome of this. We do know that Akiva and Karou get their time together, but it’s limited and so the ending/beginning of this book is slightly bittersweet.

I always struggle to find things to say when it comes to books that I enjoyed because basically YOU JUST NEED TO READ IT. Taylor’s style is so detailed and beyond anything I have read before that it’s very much dreamlike quality. I didn’t think I would enjoy this trilogy as much as I have and I am so glad I picked these books up.

“Once upon a time, there was only darkness. And there were monsters vast as worlds who swam in it.” 


You can get it here



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