‘Warcross’ by Marie Lu was explosive.

Synopsis: Warcross is the world of virtual reality and the annual international Warcross Championships are about to begin. Emika is a bounty hunter; something she has fallen into to keep herself off the streets. With the threat of eviction looming overhead, Emika hacks into the opening game of the championships and manages to accidentally glitch herself into the action. Her identity is immediately known worldwide which leads her to thinking an arrest is imminent. She’s shocked when the owner of Warcross contacts her and offers her a job – a bounty hunter job that will enable her to become a player in the Championships.

I really liked Emika! I loved the rainbow hair and her morals were so on point. The reason behind her criminal record alone make me love her, let alone how they caught her. I found her to be a strong character, she took risks that paid off the majority of the time but she wasn’t afraid to keep going. When things got tough, it only made her try harder. I also didn’t find her to be naive and she didn’t rub her skills in anyone’s face either. It’s a shame things ended on a sad note for her but I have hope that her happiness can be salvaged in Wildcard (sequel). I would also like to point out that even though I liked and rooted for Hideo, I am very disappointed with him.

Quite a few times I found myself comparing this book to Ready Player One not because of the stories but because they had some similarities. Example: the virtual reality games. Example: the MC was poor and had old tech. Example: Anyone and everyone was plugged in. The NeuroLink glasses kinda reminded me of Google Glass (their computer spectacles). I also found the idea of using your brain to create your virtual reality sorta believable. I don’t think it’s a wild thought what with all the virtual reality tech we have at hand today. The contact lenses were harder to believe though.

I loved this book. I’ve had it on my TBR for nearly a year and decided that enough was enough and I needed to read this book before the sequel came out. I’m so glad I read it because now I KNOW WHAT EVERYONE’S BEEN TALKING ABOUT. My heart beat went rapid at every game and I smiled at every sweet moment. Lu is amazing at what she does.

“What’s the point of freedom if you’re just living in a miserable reality?”


You can get it here

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