See All The Stars…

‘See All The Stars’ by Kit Frick was surprising.

Synopsis: Back then, Ellory had a solid group of friends, Ret, Jenni & Bex, and a burgeoning taste of love with Matthias. Now, Ellory is senior, counting the months until graduation when she can leave everything behind and leave everyone behind. Back then, secrets were spilled and Ellory spiralled, leading to an incident that would change her. Now, Ellory is starting to realise that keeping your head down and avoiding the truth isn’t the answer, it’s not the way to freedom. But can the past leave Ellory alone?

There’s not much I can say about this book without giving away too much. It’s a mystery novel at the core. It constantly flicks from the past to the present and then back again. The past is what led up to the event, and the present is the aftermath. I don’t want to say I saw the reveal coming, but I had a gut feeling it would be severe. The story has a real We Were Liars vibe but where that book irritated me, this one engaged me. At the core of it, it dealt with honesty. How many people are truly honest with themselves. Once you are, can you forgive yourself?

I can’t honestly say that I connected to any of the characters but Frick did an amazing job of getting me to understand them all. It’s not a happy story, its one filled with regret, forgiveness, understanding and cowardice. Its about how human we all are. I can’t be sure it was the authors intention for a message to be nestled in the book but that’s what I’ve taken away from it. I like this book because it’s messy and it’s true. Perhaps the events didn’t truly happen but we all do and say things we aren’t proud of for various reasons, some more understandable than others, and we all deal with those actions differently. The depths of friendship were well explored too and that age old saying ‘love is blinding’ couldn’t be more fitting.

See All The Stars is riddled with confusing emotions, it’s full of subtext just like Ret’s actions. It was written incredibly well. Both timelines had their own questions and events that needed to be resolved and I never once got confused between the two. It’s a good read and I enjoyed every minute of it.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I walked away, but I never said goodbye.”


You can get it here

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