The Lost Witch…

‘The Lost Witch’ by Melvin Burgess was a let down.

Synopsis: After an eventful night on the moors with her family, Bea is able to see and hear things that no one else can. Soon a girl starts talking to her, telling her she is special; Bea is a witch. Not only that, she’s in grave danger from The Hunt, a group who seek to eradicate all witches. The girl tells her to leave her family, for their safety and hers but can Bea really leave the only life she’s ever known behind?

This review is going to be harsh. It’s my first Burgess novel and it is also the last. I found this book very difficult to get into and I blame the scattiness of the prose. There were so many unnecessary sentences and exclamation marks that I was half confused the entire length of the story. Some parts where explained in length, and others (probably important parts) where glossed over with only a sentence or two. How am I supposed to connect with the story if I physically struggle to even read/understand it?

I didn’t like any of the characters in this book. I found Bea so naive and just stupid that I wanted to smack her. Her personality and strength of mind doesn’t change at all. She may as well have been a talking plank of wood. None of the other characters are even worth mentioning. Also, was Burgess high when he wrote this? There were so many scenes that where kinda f*cked up and just downright bloody weird. The man with two faces for instance. His face can travel along his whole body. WTF.

This was 100% a cover buy and it’s gone terribly wrong. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting and I’m actually upset about it. I wanted more mystery and more spells. I wanted things to be developed more. I wanted a MC who had a brain and functioning heart. The one thing I can say, is that there is a lot of creative imagery in this but I feel like I should commend whatever narcotics Burgess was using instead of the author himself. I know this is a brutal review but I really didn’t like it.

“If you want to be yourself, you must join us. You must put away everything you know, everyone you love, and you must follow us.”


You can get it here

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