Bring Me Their Hearts…

‘Bring Me Their Hearts’ by Sara Wolf was just what the doctor ordered me.

Synopsis: Zera is a Heartless; a human without a heart who cannot die, and there’s only one thing she wants – her heart back. When an opportunity arises to get her heart returned to her, as well as the hearts returned to her two friends, Zera all but leaps at the chance of freedom. Her goal is to cut the heart out of Prince Lucien, and give it to her witch to make him Heartless so that the witches may use him as a bargaining tool to stop a war. This is a mission where so many things can go wrong, but there’s one true obstacle that stands in Zera’s way, that’s Prince Lucien himself.

Zera is possibly now one of my favourite characters. I could possible see some people finding her a bit whiny but I liked her outlook on her position and events. I found her so witty and genuinely hilarious. Her comebacks were so sharp and I really liked her banter and the way she joked inappropriately. There’s a bit towards the end where she asks how anyone could love her due to her circumstances and I’m like ‘baby, how could anyone not?!’ haha. In all seriousness, I would love to be her friend, she would definitely be the first over to your house after a break up and she would just make you feel better about it all by taking the absolute piss outta ya ex.

Prince Lucien… Lucien… Luc. My heart bled for him and I totally understood Zera’s turmoil over taking his heart because he is just a big cutie-pie! I didn’t expect his secret identity and I really didn’t expect his religious views. I’m glad that he surprised me though, because that means he surprised Zera and anything he can do to keep her on her toes is an advantage for him. The more he lures her in the better his chances are. Also, I’m hoping that in the next book we see some more touchy-feely business between them because I DID NOT GET ENOUGH. One measly kiss is not enough.

I would just like to say, that I love the concept of Heartless. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard or read about something like this and I found it very intriguing. I love anything to do with witches as it is and this has opened my eyes to another facet of fiction. Heartless are humans that protect their witch. Your heart is cut out, stuck in a jar and then you are un-killable (bar some flames, and I guess a certain coloured mercury). However, with the loss of the heart, you get a deep hunger for killing and its difficult to control.

I really enjoyed this book and I am already looking forward to its sequel! There wasn’t as much hype around this book as some others and I’m genuinely wondering why. It has sass in abundance, there’s so much banter and wit that I sometimes felt like I had whiplash from the conversation volleys and there is a lot of action. It’s got a strong female lead that does monstrous things and there’s just a little bit of romance. Literally amazing.

“Pain is bearable only when you know with absolute certainty it’ll end quickly.” 


I received this in Faecrate’s June ‘Schemes & Scandal’ box.

You can get it here

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