From Twinkle, With Love…

‘From Twinkle, With Love’ by Sandhya Menon was meh.

Synopsis: Twinkle’s dream is to become a film director; she wants the world to know her stories, the ones directly inspired by people. When an opportunity arises at school to test her mettle, Twinkle is at first hesitant but is soon convinced by Sahil, the producer. On their creative journey, Twinkle sets her sights on joining her BBF in the popular crowd, but to do that, she can’t be with Sahil, she needs to be with his twin brother. But can she throw something potentially amazing away, for something that might not even be on the cards?

I struggled to find a connection with Twinkle. I found the whole ‘being with someone popular will elevate my status’ thing really pathetic. What I found even more pathetic, was that she was squandering her chance at a true relationship and pushing away all her friends to try and achieve it. Some of Twinkle’s diary entries were laughable but not in the good way. I groaned out loud several times at the repetition and couldn’t wait to turn the last page just so I could lob the book across the room in relief – relief that I no longer had to read it. Aside from the fact her personality is a joke, I liked that she was a director and successfully managed to make a film that received so much praise. I also liked that she addressed her diary entries to famous female directors. It educated me a little on how few there were.

I liked Sahil much more and found him to be a better character all round. Despite Twinkle’s hate of ‘Groundling’ status, I thought he grounded her very well and brought her attention to the stupid things she was doing. He didn’t let the power go to his head, he didn’t give up on Twinkle and I was rooting for him the whole way. I totally understood his anger and embarrassment when the truth came out and again, I backed him. He is the best character in this book and I feel like he didn’t get enough praise for his kindness and forgiveness. He saved this book and made me want to keep reading.

This is where I would generally talk about whether there was a moral to the story or some message to the reader. There is one in this book for sure, it’s this: don’t let your ego get so big that you become a massive turd and in turn treat everyone like shit. There was a time when I downright hated Twinkle for her actions and view point. But I guess she came back from it, too bad I’m holding a grudge.

It was okay. I can’t see myself reading it again and to be honest, I doubt I’ll even keep the book. Although it would come in handy for a rainbow book picture as I am lacking yellow books. Anyway, if high school drama, social hierarchy and film discussion is up your alley, this is your book. I’m out.

“Sometimes I worry I don’t know who I really am. Sometimes I’m afraid nothing I do will ever be enough to set me apart.”


I received this in Owlcrate’s June ‘Summer Lovin” box.

You can get it here

2 thoughts on “From Twinkle, With Love…

  1. Sabreena says:

    I’m reading this right now… I’m only like four chapters in, but I feel like I already know what is going to happen, and I already am frustrated with the way Twinkle behaves. I really wanted to love this book, but I have a feeling it will just be okay for me too. I did really like When Dimple Met Rishi though!


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