Sky in the Deep…

‘Sky in the Deep’ by Adrienne Young was brilliant.

Synopsis: Eelyn is an Aska and she fights every five years against the Riki, her clan’s sworn enemy. On the battlefield, Eelyn sees something she thought was lost forever and in her quest to uncover the truth, she gets kidnapped by the Riki. During her time with them, Eelyn learns more truths than she can handle and some lines get blurred, however there is a greater enemy in the forests and its coming for everyone.

This story has a little romance in it which I definitely think helped Eelyn change her views but it wasn’t a romantic story at all. I believe it mainly centred around relationships. Both the ones we have since blood as well as the ones we forge from choices made and events shared. The religions mentioned in this story enhanced these relationships towards the end, plus, I was totally digging the Viking setting too. This is the first book I have read that’s had a Viking feel and I was pleasantly surprised.

Eelyn was perhaps the most honest character I have come across in all the fantasy worlds. She’s got a tough life, and sure, she’s a strong woman but she has a soft underbelly. And she hates that she shows it in moments of weakness. She hates that her beliefs change against her wishes and she struggles to come to terms with all her emotions. She admits to herself that she’s going in a certain direction but she can’t make sense of all the feelings that come with such a monumental decision. Eelyn faces such struggle throughout this book and she isn’t whiney about it either. That’s something I am incredibly grateful for.

I’m not sure I totally understand Iri’s decision because to me it did feel like abandonment but because I can’t grasp it, I won’t say much more. I found that Fiske really grew on me. He’s the perfect partner and I think his steady strength and wise outlook will do great for everyone. I could totally imagine him as a clan leader. Also, I want to bundle Halvard into a blanket and shelter him from all nasties. If that kid gave me a flower, I’d have been balling my eyes out at his kind heart.

I devoured this book like I was dying and it was my last breath. I’ve heard so many good reviews about it that I was super eager to start it, which I did at night after my little one went to bed. The next time I looked at the clock, 3.5 hours had passed and I realised I had to be up in the next 5 hours. BUT I ONLY HAD ANOTHER 35% GODDAMMIT! This book sucks you in and you completely forget about the outside world. A great story to escape into.

“We find things, just as we lose things. If you’ve lost your honor, you’ll find it again.” 


I received this in Owlcrate’s May ‘Fight Like A Girl’ box.

You can get it here

One thought on “Sky in the Deep…

  1. Sabreena says:

    Great review! I completely agree about this book. It was so good and just pulls you in! I liked Eelyn as a character, but I didn’t totally like the “love story”. It wasn’t terrible by any means, but not my favourite. I actually really liked Iri’s choice… given the “situation” he was in, the trauma and the isolation, you bond with whatever/whoever you can. LOL it’s hard to explain without giving away spoilers, but I thought it was well done.


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