Starry Eyes…

‘Starry Eyes’ by Jenn Bennett was cute. That simple.

Synopsis: It’s been a long time since Zorie and Lennon’s Great Experiment crashed and burned and they have both successfully avoided each other… That is until they both go on a group camping trip and have to survive the wild. Certain events lead to Zorie and Lennon backpacking for days where truths are spilled and emotions turn into storms. Is a second shot at things on the cards?

I loved that Lennon was this emo/goth kid and that he drove a hearse essentially and that he worked in a reptile shop and that his parents were lesbians and they owned a sex shop and that he was so obviously interested in Zorie and THERE ARE A LOT OF ANDS HERE BECAUSE HE’S CUTE AF. I thought all of these aspects made him an entirely unique character that I had never met before. It was also great to see a boy who needed his best friend too. We usually only see that from girls but this time the boy had gone through hell and it was refreshing to see. Now, Zorie. I didn’t get many of the astronomy references but I am very glad to finally know the difference between astrology and astronomy (I know, how has it taken me 24 years?). It was endearing to see a character that literally showed their emotions too. Hives. I have to admit, I knew next to nothing about them and I’ve learnt so much from this book.

That’s one thing I’ve realised is a constant between Bennett’s novels; they all have some truth in them. I know that any book with a fiction tag isn’t to be believed outright but her books have taught me more than the TV I watch. This time we learn about reptiles, we learn about camping and being outdoors for long periods of time and we learn a little about astronomy. Most importantly, we learn that no amount of planning helps with life.

I really enjoyed the interactions between Lennon and Zorie. They had such a great dynamic and I liked their relationship quirks (maps, the Great Experiment) and also their history (bad shrimp, detective work). Both of these qualities help build a great foundation for their characters. The way they connected is something I genuinely fell in love with and their banter is definitely what I strive for.

Starry Eyes is a book that I had my eye on since last year. Ever since I read the description, I’ve been desperate for it and I’m so happy that I not only have this book, but that I read it and it exceeded my expectations. Bennett is quickly becoming a sure fire author for me and I know that I’ll love every book she writes.

“Uncertainty isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it can even be filled with extraordinary potential.”


You can get it here

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