36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You…

’36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You’ by Vicki Grant was exactly what I needed.

Synopsis: Two strangers sign up for a PhD student’s psychology project: the aim is to determine whether or not these two people can form a relationship after answering 36 questions honestly. One stranger is aware of what they are signing up for; the other just wants the $40 dollars for taking part. One takes it very seriously; the other is determined to finish it as soon as possible. Do they form a relationship?

I have to say it: I LOVED the way this book was written. At first I found it difficult to get the hang of but after the first few questions, I was really into it. The way Hildy and Paul communicated was realistic and each answer held enough information in it that I could easily picture their facial expressions and movements without the book telling me so.

cHildy is not someone I could handle. Her babbling and hypocrisy turned me off almost immediately which has got to say something of Paul’s dedication to that $40. However, her persistence and willingness to understand Paul did sway me in the end and I’ve always loved a HEA. Paul was always my type of guy. I love some arrogance, and I really dig the ‘no shit’ attitude he gave off. I was always rooting for him and his lost soul.

There were so many times that I laughed out loud and it’s all down to how different these characters are. They rub each other in just the right way to both annoy the other but also feel this deep connection. All in all, I devoured this book. It’s quick and easy to read, getting invested in the plot is smooth and it put a massive smile on my face. Job well done I think.

“Paul: What’s your problem? You on your period or something? … Paul: Oh my God! Did you just throw your fish at me?!”


You can get it here

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