A Court of Frost and Starlight…

‘A Court of Frost and Starlight’ by Sarah J. Maas is a starlit bridge to the next novel.

Synopsis: It’s been a few months since the war with Hybern ended and there is still so much to do. Peace is fragile and could shatter at any moment. The wounds our warriors have received have not fully healed, especially those we cannot see. Grief surrounds everyone and the strength to move on is hard to find but with the Winter Solstice around the corner, the Court of Dreams are determined to celebrate.

There are several view points to this novella and I really enjoyed the variety of voices. They all have things they need to say and who better to tell them to than the readers? I enjoyed Cassian’s POV the most as I feel he is the least explored of the Night Court members and though some would think him a brute, I believe there is more to his Illyrian training and war experience. It was nice to return to Feyre, she was a constant through this book and I’m in love with where her story is going. Her and Rhys don’t yet have it all figured out but it’s good to see them both lean on each other when they need to.

A lot of people have said that they were disappointed in this book and I’m genuinely shocked whenever I see such a statement. What is there to be disappointed about? This book is a needed bridge. It’s showing you how our favourite characters are dealing with the aftermath of war and it also sets up the next book. Is there action? Not in the fighting sense but there is a great amount of development. This book fleshes out the characters to a new extent and for the first time since ACOWAR, we are able to glean where the next book will take us.

I know that some fans are upset to see how some characters have taken the losses of the war, especially in Nesta’s case. She was strong, willing to do her part in the war and she became a part of the team. Okay, so in this book she’s lost her way but you can’t blame her for it and you can’t judge her path. Grief touches everyone differently and how you  come to terms with it is your choice. The way Nesta is portrayed in this novella is undesirable to say the least but we know how amazing Maas is. I can guarantee you all now, that we will love Nesta all the more by the end of the next book because of how low she is in this one.

This series cannot go wrong for me. Even if Maas was to massacre all my favourite characters, I think I would still give it five stars because I know she does things for a reason. Considering what Maas has gone through in the past year, this book reflects her experiences incredibly well and you have to admire that about her. She’s not afraid to write about the darkness because she’s lived it.

“And in the end, though, we’d saved each other. All of us had.”


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One thought on “A Court of Frost and Starlight…

  1. Sabreena says:

    I am so desperate for my copy to arrive!! I’ve heard that people were disappointed with this book as well, but I think they forget that it is a novella and it is not meant to be a full story. Your review seems spot on to me. I will be going into it fully expecting just a small glimpse into this world again, while (not so) patiently waiting for the next books… 🙂

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