All The Little Lights…

‘All The Little Lights’ by Jamie McGuire was incredible.

Synopsis: After watching Catherine every summer whilst at this Aunt’s house, Elliott finally plucks up the courage to go speak to her. Not long after, they become inseparable and before they know it, friendship becomes more. On Elliott’s last day, Catherine experiences a trauma like no other, only to realise that Elliott has left her behind to deal with it on her own. Fast forward two years and he’s back, but can Catherine forgive him, and more importantly, can she let him save her?

I preferred Elliott over Catherine simply because he wasn’t as whiny. I felt that Catherine played on her situation the most and it wore on me after a while. Having said that, Elliott did also manage to irritate me. I found that he was very forward in his pursuit of Catherine, and it definitely came across as stalkery and weird. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a cute couple and I wanted them to be together but the ‘how’ of it was odd. Catherine’s loyalty should definitely be admired but she was very naive where it came to her mother. How long did she think she could keep that going?

I love anything mental health, especially when it’s on the scary side (sorry if I offend anyone). In school, I based a photography project on mental health and got totally carried away with it. Luckily my obsession helped me well but I still find myself being attracted to certain stories. This book was definitely up my alley and for all the right reasons. I think McGuire wrote this story well considering the subject matter and it must have been difficult to figure out the best way possible to piece it all together.

There’s a major twist at the end of this book. I remember thinking that quite a few things were odd throughout the story. For example: There were never any extra cars at the Juniper but there were guests. Also, Catherine admits that she hardly looked into the guest book to see who was coming and going but yet she basically runs the place. These things all tingled my curiosity but I never would have gotten the secret right. Bloody hell, what a secret that is too! Completely blindsided me.

I found the book started off slow. I was hooked from the prologue and I knew I would keep going but it does drag in places. I’d say it starts picking up from about 60% and then there’s no going back. You are in for a ride. It might seem that it gets ridiculous but it’s believable by the end. Really interesting ending that I still think about. Recommend it for people who enjoy the films ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Split’.

“‘And you can definitely keep a secret.’ I let him go, curling into myself. ‘It wasn’t mine to tell.'”


You can get it here

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