King’s Cage…

‘King’s Cage’ by Victoria Aveyard was a delight.

Synopsis: Mare is now Maven’s pet: under constant guard and in chains that smother her lightning. No one knows her fate, not even Maven and it tests everyone’s tolerance. The imprisonment hits Mare hard and the fact that no one is able to rescue her does too. However, on the day of a most important wedding, Mare escapes with the help of an unlikely ally. Now free, Mare has to navigate the changes made whilst gone and face war head on.

I love it when characters are in pain. More importantly, I love it when they come out of that pain stronger. In this case, Mare’s pain is the focus of the book. Her imprisonment was an actual joy to read. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mare as a character and what she stands for is great, but I wanted more interaction between her and Maven and I wasn’t disappointed. Their relationship really reminds me of the Darkling and the Sun Summoner (Grisha series) and it’s my guilty pleasure. I couldn’t get enough of Mare and Maven’s dynamic. It’s involuntarily magnetic.

Mare’s struggle was at times off setting. I haven’t been a prisoner myself and so I can’t say I truly know how it feels, but Aveyard did a brilliant job of bringing it all to life for me. I felt tense the whole time I read her scenes. Despite what Mare went through, I’m glad she never lost her spark (HAHA, GET IT? TERRIBLE PUN. I FEEL LIKE THE TEAM). It would have been incredibly sad if she became a lesser version of herself but I’m glad she became more. If anything, she was able to add more skills to her repertoire. Perhaps she’s a little more suspicious of people but that can only be a good thing in these books.

Cal. I am very disappointed. Why do I get the sense that no one will end up happy in this story? I understand why Cal made his ‘choice’ and I understand why Mare made hers but I am still so UNHAPPY about it. I really hope that they can sort it all out in the final book. I need them to because I don’t think my heart can cope with this character heartache and I don’t want them to feel more alone than they already do.

I know I’ve already mentioned it, but I can’t get over the character and relationship developments. By the end of this book, each character has changed since the ending of the last. Even if it’s only a slight change, it is a change nonetheless and it makes for an interesting ending. Maven is unpredictable, unstable and obsessive. Cal is spurred on by Mare and the hope of power. Mare is ready to do whatever it takes for equality. Mare hasn’t really changed in that respect but her strength and determination has definitely grown.

I can guess at the general state this series will end in but I cannot guess at how. This book is an improvement on the last but that’s mainly due to my need for strife. I’m glad that there are more lightning Ardens that Mare is able to train with and I’m happy that Kilorn and her family have managed to find roles that suit them. I hope that not too many characters will die in the last book but with Shade’s fate still a dark cloud, who really knows? I’m very interested in the final book and I’m looking forward to that dispatch email!

“To stand in front of a person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun.” 


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