The Smoke Thieves…

‘The Smoke Thieves’ by Sally Green is engaging.

Synopsis: A downtrodden princess is to marry a prince but her heart belongs to another. An honourable soldier guards a princess as if she is his heart. A hunter is tasked with finding a valuable that was stolen. A traitor trades slavery for vengeance by deceiving a bastard prince. A thief that steals for the thrill is on a journey to escape jail and to meet his father. All are integral components to a war and demon smoke, but what is any of it for?

There are five main characters and each have their own POV chapters. I liked Catherine’s the most out of them all but disliked March’s. His traitor personality didn’t sit with me, however I understand he is a changing person and perhaps he can redeem himself in the next book. I preferred Catherine because of her feminist views. Her father and brother need a serious reality check. Green is excellent at keeping each characters personalities to themselves and making them unique. At no point was I confused about who I was reading from. It’s pretty amazing when I think about it to be honest, I am blown away by her ability of character distinction. None of them were the same or even similar in their thinking.

The overall story arc is alright. I am interested but I think that’s because of the characters more than anything else. There’s no connection between me and the intent of the story itself. I look forward to seeing more demons in the sequel though. I found the demon smoke aspect intriguing and I wonder how this drug will flesh out the story.

This was a surprising book. I didn’t expect any of it. For some reason, the description of the book really doesn’t do it justice. There is a lot more to this story and I am very eager to read the next instalment. The element that won me over in this book is definitely the POV’s.

“Whatever else she had done, right or wrong, she was certain she had brought about her own ruin.”


I received this ARC in Illumicrate’s ‘Rise Up’ February box.

You can get it here

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