Days of Blood and Starlight…

‘Days of Blood and Starlight’ by Laini Taylor definitely had blood, and maybe a smidge of starlight.

Synopsis: Upon arriving in Eretz, Karou finds herself helping the White Wolf, Thiago, the same chimaera who executed her before. Now, with the common goal to see the end of the angels reign, they form a tremulous alliance. Akiva, believing Karou is dead, decides to help the chimaera in any way he can. Despite being careful, his actions are noted and he soon walks into a carefully planned trap.

A lot happened in this book, which may not come as a surprise considering its length, but I was still blown away by the events. I lived for every single view point too. I have to say that because usually when there are more than two POV in a story, there’s a good chance that I favour some over others, whereas there was no such favouritism here. Simply put, they all held such integral and emotional footing to the story that you’d be silly not to admire and love each POV.

I felt Karou to be emotionally lost in the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, her anger was hard to miss and I found this clouded her judgement massively. I’m glad she was able to learn from her mistakes but I got angry with her for the way she treated Akiva. For someone who could sympathise with her kin in Eretz who are struggling under the tight Angelgic rule, you would think she could show the same courtesy for her former lover over his actions after her execution. I understand that what he did was terribly wrong but it does show how deep his feelings are. If Issa can understand why he made those choices, Karou should be able to. (Basically, I have hope that they can rekindle their love, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for this until I read the next book).

I found that there were some very heavy scenes in this book and it did come across quite dark. A gathering of a storm is how I felt the book came across and Taylor does a brilliant job of conveying those clouds and shadows. There is one scene that I found particularly difficult to read ( I also did not expect to see it in the story) and I can’t help but feel deeply for our heroine, our Kirin-soul dreamer. It wasn’t all dark however, I found that Mik and Zuzana were bright points throughout the unfolding story. They have such a unique relationship that it was a breath of fresh air at points, a palette cleanser at times. I hope we see more of them in the final instalment.

I really enjoyed Days of Blood and Starlight. I had heard that it wasn’t as good as the first and on some levels I agree but overall, I think it had more drive plot-wise, not to mention the character developments. I could talk for hours about how beautiful it was to read Akiva’s changed views and how he influenced others. There’s so much that this book is not credited for. Eager for the next.

“I am stardust gathered fleetingly into form. I will be ungathered. The stardust will go on to be other things someday and I will be free.”


You can get it here

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