Heart of Iron…

‘Heart of Iron’ by Ashley Poston was out of this world. Excuse the pun.

Synopsis: Ana is in desperate need of a set of co-ordinates that will hopefully help the memory core of her best friend, Di, who is a Metal. They begin their search by stealing these co-ordinates from a Prince, which of course sets them off on their journey with enemy ships hot on their tail. What they find at their destination isn’t what they are expecting and it raises important questions about Ana’s past, but with history clouded by ash, can our cast of scoundrels survive?

So I really wasn’t sure about this book. I thought I would start off by reading a chapter a day and slowly get through it even if I didn’t enjoy it (because I HATE DNFing books, with a PASSION). But lo and behold, it was compelling. There were parts that I of course struck some issue with. Mostly the villain didn’t seem very ‘villain-y’. I’m not sure if anyone else picked up on this but it definitely annoyed me. Like, I understand there wouldn’t be much of a book if he didn’t exist but the trauma the characters went through could’ve been justified better. I mean, there’s a lot of death.

I fell in love with Di. Even though he is a Metal. Hmm. I totally understand the confusion and hesitation that Ana felt about it, however slight it was. I got every emotion, but most importantly, I felt the suppressed ones better. Not only is Poston able to conjure up and bring life to such a rich setting and atmosphere, but she really seemed to excel at those feelings. It’s probably why I love Di so much. He is every single one of us when we were younger. He is essentially going through puberty and it’s both adorable and scary AF.

The plot I have to admit was entirely predictable. Perhaps not from the beginning, but definitely by half way through. There were enough hints and nudges that I would’ve been disappointed not to see it all play out. Speaking of being obvious, there was nothing subtle about this book. Everything was in my face; those pesky feelings, red-eyed Metals and colour changing hair. I doubt that I could ever get this book confused with another. It’s got it’s own personal stamp and mailbox. Please send starry love letters here. I loved the Russian elements in this book. I 100% got the Anastasia vibe and it made me love the book even more than before. (Mmm, dreamy Dmitri).

It was enjoyable despite the ending. Although, compared to other YA novels, it had a surprisingly complete conclusion. I can guess at where the sequel will go but I’m not hanging off the cliff either. I like it. I have to thank Poston for that gift. This book is a gift.

“She was a girl born in fire and raised in the starts, and she would burn against the darkness – and drive it away.”


I received this in Owlcrate’s March ‘Across The Galaxy’ box.

You can get it here

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