To Kill A Kingdom…

‘To Kill A Kingdom’ by Alexandra Christo is intriguingly dark.

Synopsis: Lira is hailed as the Princes’ Bane because she only steals the hearts of Princes’ once a year. On a trip with her cousin, she breaks tradition and steals the heart of a Prince a month too early as well as killing a creature that belongs to her mother, the Sea Queen. As a punishment, Lira is turned into a human, and it is in this form that she is to steal her eighteenth heart, that of the famous Siren Killer, Elian. However, Elian is more than a Prince and soon Lira is in danger of losing her own heart.

I didn’t know I needed this book until it fell in my lap. I couldn’t wait to read it. It has sirens, pirates, sea monsters, secrets and love. Literally, you tell me what there isn’t to like about all of that rolled into one book. Not to mention that fact is has very (un)subtle references to The Little Mermaid. Like, on another level. Seriously, can you tell that I’m fangirling right now? Because I am. HARD.

As far as love interests go, Elian isn’t half bad. He’s got that bad boy, shirking-responsibility-yet-still-looking-fine thing going on and I am a cat rolling in this catnip. I disliked how his hate made him view sirens but he redeemed himself later on and I started to really dig him as a character. I feel like Elian and Lira have the same level of development to them and that’s probably why I think they mesh well together. Lira was by far my favourite in this book though. She has so much inner strength to her and I was dumbfounded when she saw it as a weakness. I lived for her disobedience and one-upmanship regarding her mother and I was so rooting for Lira in that mountain scene. Also, her one liner comebacks were pretty incredible.

I mentioned this was heavily based on The Little Mermaid, right? Well, I still listen to the Disney soundtrack from that movie, so imagine my delight when I finally dived into this book. Lira is all but missing the ‘E’ and we could spell Ariel. Elian is further from Eric but it’s still close. A sea monster with a trident and octopus-like appendages. A sea creature that turns into a human to steal a princes heart. A shell necklace. Red hair. I could go on. And on. HOWEVER, this is by no means a rip off. There are enough heavy differences in this book that the two stories are different. If I was pressed, I would lean towards liking this book more to the film (sorry Sebastien).

Basically, my conclusion is, that everyone should read it. It’s perfect. Christo was born to right this and I cannot thank her enough for her magic. Also, there is no chance of this story ever becoming stale with sequels because it is a standalone. It has a beautiful ending to it and I couldn’t be happier.

“How strange that instead of taking his heart, I’m hoping he takes mine.”


You can get it here

I received this in Shelflove Crate’s March ‘Fiery Redheads’ box.

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