State of Sorrow…

‘State of Sorrow’ by Melinda Salisbury is a political dream.

Synopsis: Sorrow has taking up almost all her father, the Chancellor’s, duties since her Grandmother died. Whilst her father loses himself in substances due to his extreme grief of his late wife and son, Sorrow plots to depose him for the greater good of the country in perpetual mourning. On the anniversary of the death of Mael, the dead heir to the country, he returns and sets in motion a chain of events that sees Sorrow adept and evolve. But, is he truly the lost heir?

Sorrow is definitely a character to get behind. You can tell that she would be a good ruler despite the secrets that reveal themselves. I found her to be a tough judgemental considering her revelation towards the end and I can’t help but feel let down by some of those actions. Having said that, I am interested to see where she and Luvian will get to. I see something bubbling there and I think it will do them both some good.

The plot was very politically driven and I could see this boring down on people. I enjoyed this element and seeing a campaign from the inside is insightful. There were a few things I took up issues with, the major being the irony of Sorrow trying to stop Mael from becoming Chancellor considering her own past. I understand her reasonings behind still running for the position but I can see that blowing up in her face later on down the line. I 100% believe that it Mael won, he would ask she stayed close to him to advise him on running the country.

It wasn’t an awful book. It was actually quite enjoyable however I found quite a lot of the book to be on the ‘glass half empty’ side. I’m naturally pessimistic and so reading a book that has miserable undertones affects my mood more than I would like to admit. If you like politics, mystery, fae and secrets with a tough of soap opera drama then this is definitely a book you need to read.

“Sorrow – for that is all she bring us, a voice whispered in the dark.”

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You can get it here

I received this in Fairyloot’s March ‘Memorable Moments’ box.

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