The Accidental Bad Girl…

‘The Accidental Bad Girl’ by Maxine Kaplan was dirty fun.

Synopsis: Kendall has been ostracised from her peers due to a secret relationship coming to light in a very public fashion. The last year of high school has started and it looks to be the hardest yet, especially when a stranger beats her up in the girls bathroom for being someone else. Determined to get to the bottom of it, Kendall finds herself involved with some dangerous people and she soon finds that the way back isn’t an option.

Kendall is a difficult character. At points I really liked her and was totally digging the scenes but other times I was just confused. I literally lived for the times she stepped into her new identity and I found her to be a much more likeable character when this happened. For someone who had such strength when she turned into the other Kendall, I did find it very bizarre that the first blackmail threat held any weight. I found it hard to come to terms with Gilly’s involvement. I was rooting for him, and he let me down. He was my favourite character to begin with and now I feel crushed.

There were not many funny moments, and so I can honestly say that there was a lot more drama and mystery involved. I don’t read many mystery novels and this was pleasant enough for me that I am open to the idea of them. I love it when books open new doors for a reader. Quite a few illegal things happened in this book. There are drugs, drug dealing and talk of rape. Some scenes were uncomfortable but not in an ‘I don’t know if I can read anymore’ way, more in an ‘I can’t believe that’s how easy it is’ way. This book makes you think and I’ve come to the conclusion that the world is a scary place.

I noticed that there is a huge flaw in the title for this book. Becoming a bad girl was not entirely accidental for Kendall. She slept with her best friends ex boyfriend behind her back (not to mention in entirely public places). For me, that definitely fits under the ‘bad girl’ column. She also didn’t put up much of a fight against her identity being stolen. If I remember correctly, once she realised someone had hacked her facebook, she said it could wait until the next day… Clearly wasn’t that fussed even after being beaten up.

This book caught me up. I was reading it every chance I had and that’s got to say something good about the book, right? This was fast paced, it had scandal and it had plenty of sass and danger. If you like all of those things, get this book!

“You enjoy power. You scheme for it. You feel the urge to destroy, to wreck, to dominate.”


You can get it here

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