The Queen’s Rising…

‘The Queen’s Rising’ by Rebecca Ross was devilishly good.

Synopsis: Brienna is an orphan who lied her way into Magnalia House, a school where only five pupils are taken on to master one of the five passions. Being the sixth and with no talent, Brienna has many bumps along her seven years of learning. When the day finally comes to Passion, she is left behind with her future in serious question. However, this isn’t her only concern. She’s been having visions of a stone and a Lord long gone from the earth; a stone that could inspire an uprising in a land not meant to be ruled by Kings. With spies everywhere, Brienna must choose her course wisely.

 Brienna is my girl. I really, really liked her. I love that she had the courage to lie about her skills and wasn’t afraid to try other passions. I’m glad she stuck with Knowledge and even though she didn’t get a patron, she’s the one who gained the most. I found the memories aspect genuinely interesting and would’ve liked to have seen more of it. It did seem a bit convenient that she only glimpsed memories to do with the stone. It would have been more realistic/believable if she’d had other mundane memories. I can’t fault this too much though, it’s a slightly longer book than most but you can still only fit so much in and this book was already packed to the brim.

The book was centred around Brienna but there were many secondary characters that deserve a mention. Cartier, the naughty devil who falls in love with his pupil. You can’t blame them for developing feelings toward each other to be honest and it came across natural. The romance aspect of their story isn’t a huge focal point which is a nice change although I did find myself begging the book for more interactions between the two. I have to mention the best adoptive father, Jourdain. You could tell that he cared for Brienna and it wasn’t just down to the customs of his homeland. You could tell they had a connection and it was lovely to see that the events in the book didn’t change this.

I was surprised by the politics. I’m not sure what it was that jolted me. It was difficult to follow and there wasn’t masses of it either. Maybe it’s because so much depended on the politics? Anyway, I enjoyed the level of history and current affairs within the story. It added a depth to the characters and they’re emotions and choices.

The Queen’s Rising isn’t at all what I was expecting. I found the blurb mislead me a little but I actually found the story I read much more interesting that blurb made it out to be. If I wasn’t expecting this in a book box, I would’ve bought it separately anyway. It’s been on my radar and I’m happy I read it. One Saturday well spent!

“Passion is wholehearted devotion; it is fervour and agony; it is temper and zeal.” 


I received this in LitJoy Crate’s February ‘Upon Her Throne’ and Shelflove Crate’s February ‘Hide and Seek’ box.

You can get it here

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