A Pocketful of Crows…

‘A Pocketful of Crows’ by Joanne M. Harris was mesmerising.

Synopsis: A modern fairytale inspired by the Child Ballad 295: The Brown Girl. It tells a tale of love, betrayal and finding your place in the grand scheme of life and death.

I love books with witches. And I love witch-y books that don’t stray from the folklore surrounding them. I have read very few books that involve witches where I have been satisfied with their portrayal but this is one book that will always stay with me for its wonderful representation. It was full of magic without it outright saying so. It spoke about things as if magic should be obvious to the reader. It held no secrets and even though it was beautiful, it was also cruel. A true fairytale.

The prose was unlike anything I have read before. It was magical and utterly captured me. After the first month of May, I had already been lured into it’s depths and from then on I was gone. When I did stop throughout the book, it wasn’t for long as my mind was still in the world that Harris created.

This book is quite difficult to review. I’m not sure why I am finding it hard, perhaps its because it’s so beautiful. The illustrations within the book are gorgeous and give a feeling of whimsy to the story. It makes the book feel and look the part of a fairytale – one you wouldn’t be surprised to see in a Grimm book. I wish this was available when I was doing by fairytale art project in A-Level, I would have gone nuts over it.

“When the ragweed blooms in May, Witches ride, and good folk pray.”


You can get it here

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