Night Owls…

‘Night Owls’ by Jenn Bennett was gushing. Both in a romantic way and a fleshy way.

Synopsis: Bex is on her way home after desperately trying to gain access to the hospitals cadavers so that she can draw her submission piece for a scholarship. Jack is on this way to commit a crime. Both meet on the Owl. After figuring out who Jack is, can Bex really afford to get involved with him?

I found Bex’s desired art profession quite bizarre but it added a great quality to the story. I liked the addition of art to science and I would love to have seen some of her creations in the book (no matter how gruesome). She was a pleasant character and I found her outlook on certain topics reasonable and human. Were there a few things I would have done differently in her shoes? Of course but I still liked her. The passion for her art drives her to such extraordinary lengths and that is admirable in a YA book (something I wish I saw more of).

Jack’s graffiti sounds incredible and I wish I could see his work too. His work is much more artistic sounding than regular graffiti artists. Jack thinks about where best to place his art so that it corresponds both with the word and his sister. Despite him being labelled a criminal several times in the book, you can’t really fault his reasonings behind it all. That’s why Bex falls so hard for him. Plus, who doesn’t love a bad boy?

The mental health topic landed kinda late in the story for my liking. I wish we saw more of it and earlier on. I do however, want to praise this book for it’s positive view on sex! The discussions before the event was everything it needed to be and the honesty involved is something we should all strive for.

It was a really interesting read. Was there some insta-love? Sure, but I found it actually worked in this case. Has the story stayed with me since finishing? Yes, and if I didn’t have such a large TBR, I would probably read it again. Bennett is quickly becoming a favourite author of mine.

“This was the night bus, not a Journey song. Two strangers were not on a midnight train going anywhere. I was going home, and he was probably going to knock over a liquor store.”


You can get it here

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