Once And For All…

‘Once And For All’ by Sarah Dessen was mild entertainment.

Synopsis: It is Louna’s last summer working for her mum’s wedding business before she sets off for college. Ambrose is in desperate need of guidance and joins the team, much to Louna’s disappointment. Setting a bet between themselves, they each try to date like the other until the end of the summer. However, its both too easy and too hard. The heart wants what it can’t have.

Louna was quite down to earth although she did come across overly dramatic at times when it came to her outlook on love. Personally, I felt she made things far too difficult for herself and needed to open up a bit more. Her ‘relationship’ with Ben was a complete and utter waste of time and I wonder why Dessen even bothered to include it. Cannon fodder. Stupid to think she’d reluctantly open herself up to the idea of a future with boring Ben but found the idea of Ambrose far too outlandish. I liked her character and personality but couldn’t see the reasoning behind some of her actions unfortunately.

Ambrose, however, is the sort of character I can totally get behind. He is spontaneous and full of life; a complimentary contrast to Louna which is why they work well together. The only thing I didn’t like about him was the way he treated girls. I did at points find it bizarre how he couldn’t care about the feelings of the girls he was stringing along but then made it his mission to win Louna. Like, what’s the thought process here?

The plot kinda let me down. Sure, I found Ethan’s story heartbreaking but I don’t think I needed the flash backs. I think the story of Louna and Ambrose would have worked out much better without all the unnecessary sadness that came with his death. The constant focus on the past took away from their present and dragged their progress out. Ethan’s story is integral to Louna’s character and it needed to be shared but it couldn’t been done in a ‘prologue’ just as well if not better.

This book was readable for sure. The characters and the variety in weddings are what compelled me to keep reading. If the book was re-worked a little bit, I think I would have enjoyed it more, having said that though, I would read another book from this author as I do like her style.

“You stop believing in wishes when the only one you want to make can never come true.”


You can get it here

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