The Hating Game…

‘The Hating Game’ by Sally Thorne was inspiring.

Synopsis: Lucy and Joshua are assistants to co-CEOs who hate each other. Lucy and Joshua also hate each other and continually play private games to see who can one-up the other. However, their games may soon come to an end as they’re careers are thrown on the line. It’s a race to keep their jobs, but will they lose their hearts in their haste?

I think I have to review both characters at the same time here. I LIVED for their immaturity and untrustworthiness of each other, especially at the beginning! At points I couldn’t contain my laughter and I smiled the WHOLE way through reading this. My cheeks have never been so sore before and it’s because they were pulled in a constant manic grin for hours. Their scenes were hilarious and I’m glad they kept their games and jokes at the end. It seemed like a genuine relationship at times because of their squabbles and for the first time in a year, it’s made me yearn for a partner that I can be silly with like that. I strive for this sort of relationship and will settle for nothing less now.

I liked that they worked in a publishing house and I found the division of the two previous companies a lovely comparison between Lucy and Josh. I also liked the addition of the competition as it spurred them both into action although I would have liked to have known whether or not Lucy actually got the job or not. I could imagine a cute novella of them both visiting her parents strawberry farm. Their story does not end here. Imagine them bringing up a child. Comedy gold.

I hate to admit it but this book was on my shelf for nearly a year before I picked it up and I am still berating myself for that days after finishing it. It was GLORIOUS. I can’t wait to read it again, perhaps it will be my annual February read, it’s got enough love in it for that lovey-dovey month yet enough hate so I’m not overwhelmed. This book is perfect, my new favourite contemporary.

“The trick is to find that one person who can give it back as good as they can take it.” 


You can get it here

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