Paris Adrift…

I received this book from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

‘Paris Adrift’ by E.J. Smith was disappointing.

Synopsis: Paris was supposed to save Hallie. Now…well, let’s just say Paris has other ideas. There’s a strange woman called The Chronometrist who will not leave her alone. Garbled warnings from bizarre creatures keep her up at night. And there’s a time portal in the keg room of the bar where she works. Soon, Hallie is tumbling through the turbulent past and future Paris, making friends, changing the world – and falling in love. But with every trip, Hallie loses a little of herself, and every infinitesimal change she makes ripples through time, until the future she’s trying to save suddenly looks nothing like what she hoped for…

When I requested this book from NetGalley, I was very intrigued. It advertised time travel, and love and extreme character development, so hell yes, I was totally on board for that! This book was right up my street and I couldn’t wait to finish the current ebook I was reading so I could start on this. So it’s with great sadness that I announce this book as DNF. Here is my timeline:

The prologue left me a little confused. Either the anomalies and their incumbents weren’t explained properly or I wasn’t paying enough attention (I believe it was the former). This was my first warning bell but it was too early for me to properly comment so I carried on reading.

At 20% the book hadn’t picked up for me; stuff had happened, we’d met characters, but there wasn’t a drive yet. Usually at this stage you get a feel for the book and you become somewhat invested in the story – there was none of that for me.

At 40% things were much still the same. I’d finally gotten some time travel and that was fun. The small glimpse of history was a highlight in a mass of grey sludge. However, despite getting what I originally wanted, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Second warning bell.

At 63% I stopped entirely. I had gotten a taste of a romance and it couldn’t have been more than about 5 pages worth. A second trip through time is the current state of things and somehow I just can’t bring myself to care about it. Third and final warning bell. Death bell.

I feel awful about not finishing this book but reading this feels like it’s WORK. Reading for me is supposed to be fun and if I have to push myself through a book – forcing every page, getting to a new chapter and thinking ‘ugh, another one’ – then it’s not one for me. In between the exciting bits (the time travel and romance) there seemed to be a lot of filler. If I remember correctly, there was a whole chapter dedicated to the Christmas and New Year period for seemingly no reason. There was no development plot wise at all. What was the need? The pacing of the story was too irregular and I feel like if you were brutal, and took out every un-needed word and phrase, every irrelevant scene and chapter, this book would be half the size but ultimately a better book.


You can get it here

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