‘Unfiltered’ by Lily Collins is decent.

Synopsis: Lily Collins is well known among the YA community for her portrayal of Clary Fray in the film City of Bones, 2013 but the rest of her life is more than that one job. This book takes you behind the scenes to what helped shaped the woman she is today. There’s advice aplenty about growing up and learning to love yourself.

Because this isn’t a fiction, it doesn’t follow my usual review structure so it will be a short one. Despite my rating, I fell in love with Collins’ honesty in this book and she says things we’ve all thought at least once in our lives. She came across genuine and even though I’m older than her target audience, I didn’t once feel patronised. She talks about her experiences and the issues she’s faced throughout her life and no one else’s. She talks about what she knows from her perspective and I can imagine some of it being tough to hear if you’re one of the people involved so I can’t fault her bravery in that respect.

I docked two stars because I personally couldn’t connect with the book on the majority of the subjects she talks about. No fault of Collins’s or the books, or even mine. It is a wonderful book about life, choices, relationships, self love etc and I would love for my daughter to read it when she’s older. If there’s one role model other than Wonder Woman I would love for my daughter to look up to, it would be Lily Collins. She has a fresh and youthful outlook on things and she’s done well for herself because she put herself out there. Brave.

“I am whole just as I am. I am defined not by my life experiences but by how I let them affect me and how I handle myself in each situation.”


You can get it here

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