The Dream Thieves…

‘The Dream Thieves’ by Maggie Stiefvater was magical.

Synopsis: Gansey’s quest to find Glendower continues despite the changes Cabeswater has been through. No one from their group is the same either and it makes for a difficult time finding the answers they all seek. Blue and Gansey are least changed and they take a certain comfort in this, but their future hangs over them like a grey, ominous cloud.

To me, it seemed that Ronan’s POV was the most regular and so I consider this his book. The name of the book gives it away as Ronan’s too and I have to be honest and say that I put this book off because of it. However, after reading it, I now just feel silly for waiting so long. Ronan is both a complicated character and not. He’s perhaps the only one with all the answers to his own questions but he’s reluctant to realise this at first (perhaps down to those creepy monsters?). Anyway, I liked him by the end. He’s not as hard as everyone thinks and I know first hand how distanced this can make a person feel. You start to find comfort in the the fear of others even though they have no real reason to feel that way.

Adam became uncomfortable territory for me in this one, more because his situation wasn’t well explained. I still don’t really understand what his relationship to Cabeswater is. Is he a doctor – making sure everything is working in order for Cabeswater to thrive? Is he it’s eyes and ears – like a spy, so that Cabeswater can see things not in its own vicinity and therefore has a further reach? I don’t know. Adam has a communication line open to him now and its the sort that will inevitably bring him closer to Ronan. The two practically go hand in hand.

Blue, Gansey and Noah. Poor Noah, his scenes made me crumple a little bit. I wish he were a real boy. Blue and Gansey get a lot closer in this book and you can tell that if they had a relationship, it would be great. But alas, for different reasons they decide not to follow their hearts for now. FOR NOW.

I found the second book to be more enjoyable than the first. Dreams, my friend, are beautiful. I loved the addition of the Gray Man and actually liked his POV’s and scenes with the other characters. There are so many areas that I can’t wait to get back to in the third book!

“He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer.” 


You can get it here

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