Foolish Hearts…

‘Foolish Hearts’ by Emma Mills is a cute getaway.

Synopsis: After eavesdropping on a private conversation at the end of summer, Claudia makes an enemy out of Iris who she is later forced to try out for the school play with. Forced friendships aren’t easy, neither are keeping the ones you already have. Trying to stay afloat with the production, Claudia tries to come to terms with a previous hurt; one that can’t seem to let her go. This pain has the power to ruin something beautiful before it’s even begun.

Claudia is quirky. She’s not a girly girl and I found her lack of family money brilliant. It gave her a deeper understanding of the school she goes to and I believe it helped her with her new friendships. I totally understood the way she became friends with Iris. That part of the book was really down to earth and reminded me of my old friends. I found Claudia’s wit brilliant – it reminded me a lot of Shakespeare funnily enough. There were various moments when I laughed or smiled at her conversations.

I found Gideon endearing. He was also quirky and his empathy seemed to spur Claudia’s. At the beginning of the book he comes across as a player but the more Claudia interacts with him, they more we see that he’s just a friendly guy. He doesn’t tend to see the bad in people, only looking to see the good. I think that’s actually a pleasant notion to project in a book. If you show that a character only sees the light in someone, perhaps a reader will take that on and add it to their own life.

There were many characters in this book, a lot like the play. I found all of them to be relevant in some fashion and it was much like the way school is. I love that about these types of books. They encompass a whole range of personalities and even though a character may seem irrelevant, they more likely aren’t, as they are part of a larger picture. I liked that all the characters reflected people that I knew in my life.

I found Foolish Hearts to be cute. It was such a light read with a few heavy moments thrown in to keep the story’s buoyancy. I read it between heavier books and so this was a nice little escape away. Like the book, I’ve tried to keep this review short and sweet.

“‘Blooming’ Onion,’ he whispers right in my ear, and it tickles but also sends a spark of electricity through me. I let out a laugh.”


I received this in Owlcrate’s December ‘Seize The Day’ box.

You can get it here

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