‘Everless’ by Sara Holland was utterly consuming.

Synopsis: Jules lives with her father in a village away from the great Everless. Things are tough for them, rent is well overdue. To secure their future, Jules heads to Everless to become a servant for the royal wedding against her father’s orders. Everless is a dangerous place he says, and the Queen cannot know about Jules. However, the frailty of her father spurs her on and soon she is thrust into a world of secrets and lies. In a world where blood is time and time is currency, there’s a lot at stake.

Jules seemed ordinary enough at the beginning – apart from her freezing time of course. I figured that her skill would mean something greater but I just didn’t know what. There were only a few things about Jules that I didn’t like. Her blatant disregard for her father’s dying wish basically and her love for Roan. She knew on a deep level that her father was running out of time and yet rather than spend what time she had left with him, she lies and sends him away. Personally, I don’t agree with that decision. I also don’t agree with how after 10 years away from the Gerlings, she can still love Roan. Just like her, he would have changed and I think it shows what a little girl Jules really is. Don’t get me wrong now, she shows some balls at the end but leading up to those last three chapters her decisions were somewhat questionable.

I found Liam much more likeable apart from when he speaks in riddles. He’s honest and he doesn’t try to be anyone else but himself. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him (except perhaps Jules). I admire his passion for Jules’ safety and if I might say so, this was clear from when Liam enters the village, sees Jules, and does nothing. I’m glad that he explains himself at the end and I hope we see him again in the sequel. I feel chemistry brewing and I want to see where it all goes. Jules’ father, Pehr, I didn’t get. I understand that everything he did was to protect Jules and I admire that determination however, I feel that honesty would’ve been the best policy here. If Jules knew the real reason why she had to stay away from Everless, perhaps none of these events had to happen. But then we also wouldn’t have a story so I’ll shut up now.

I really enjoyed the mystery regarding the Alchemist and Sorceress. Sometimes I found the story of them a little hard to follow. I feel like the book needed a two page story about them at the beginning, explaining their history. It would’ve helped me to keep the myth of them straight in my head. I feel like Jules’ subconscious made her past lives into a story (Fox and Snake) that she was able to comprehend.

Everless was full of twists! Some things seemed obvious (ahem, I spotted Liam a mile away) and others were so out of the blue, I did a double take. The Queen had a chilling atmosphere around her and her mystery served the story well. I want more Liam and more Lady Sida in the sequel, I feel the old bat could know a thing or two. Overall, I loved this book, I finished it in a day not expecting at all to be so caught up in it like I was.

“‘Fox’ said Snake, curling around her friends heart. ‘It’s time we face the truth.'”


I received this in Fairyloot’s December ‘Oh So Regal’ box.

You can get it here

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