The Night Circus…

‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern is unlike anything I have ever read.

Synopsis: Celia has natural talent at a young age, so much so, her father enters her into a binding competition that has no end date. Marco learns everything he can and soon becomes her opponent, although the rules for both of them are unclear. The game soon enchants them, each moving a piece on their magical board that resonates with the other. However, a lot of people are involved in this contest, the whole circus is at risk. The question is: how do you end the game?

I have to say, the above synopsis doesn’t do the book justice but I cannot keep re-writing it. This book is undoubtedly dreamlike. I found that parts of the story; of the game, were intentionally left out to add to that hazy dream quality. The parts that were missed (one time the characters talked about a new tent as if it’s been there for a while but its the first time its been mentioned to the reader) were not vital thankfully.

The writing is beautiful, it has a wonderful balance. The language isn’t difficult to grasp although I feel that only the determined of children would find this book enjoyable at a young age. With the book being an illusion of all factors, I feel that it may be slightly advanced for children to understand. They may well finish the book and say they like it but I imagine they wouldn’t realize the magnificence of it (I read The Hobbit in primary school and even though I remember the events of the book, I didn’t at all understand the brilliance and adventure of it).

Celia and Marco are my new epic love. Even though the game drove them to create their magical tents, the ideas behind each move was for the pleasure of their competitor. The contest didn’t devour their souls and instead it grew love. Before they knew how the game was to end, neither were consumed with winning themselves, not if they could then spend the rest of their life with the other.

I felt that Celia was the more mature out of the two. Her upbringing didn’t allow for mistakes and so during the game, I found that she thought of everyone involved more than Marco did. Because of Marco, certain people unwillingly became pieces on their board, and Celia realised this long before Marco did. I found Marco slightly lacking when it came to the knowledge of the Circus (to be expected due to his job) but I thought he would’ve figured things out sooner. I found him a little clueless and naive at points. Despite him creating the Circus, Celia was the one who drove it and loved it.

The Night Circus is magical, it’s full of imagination and a deep understanding of love. It was slow to start; my mind had to become accustomed to the language and flow, but soon I couldn’t put it down. I found both the level of detail and lack thereof enchanting. At times I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming, but also not because if it was a dream, I didn’t want it to end.

“I have been surrounded by love letters you two have built each other for years, encased in tents.” 


You can get it here

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