‘Renegades’ by Marissa Meyer was ‘Whack!’– ingly good!

Synopsis: Gatlon City is governed by the Renegades; a society of superhero prodigies that stopped Ace Anarchy and his group, the Anarchists. Whilst the Renegades are struggling to rebuild and create new laws, the Anarchists have become active again after nine years of silence. They have a new member and Nova has become the most wanted villain; Nightmare. With a plan to bring down the Renegades, Nova goes undercover but keeping her identity a secret is harder than she thought.

For a girl that’s been to three Comic Cons this year (and who is practically counting down the days for Black Panther), Renegades was just up my street. The atmosphere and overall feel to the book was so reminiscent of my childhood that I was immersed right from the beginning. The idea that prodigies (humans with powers) now rule and keep the normal people safe from danger doesn’t initially seem like a problem. But throughout the course of the book, certain unlikely characters turn your opinion the other way. This made me question what side I would be on, would I be a Renegade or an Anarchist?

Nova is a conflicted character. She is both Nightmare and Insomnia. Nightmare is an Anarchist (power: doesn’t sleep and can put other people to sleep with just a touch), brought up personally by THE villain, Ace Anarchy. Insomnia (power: doesn’t sleep… ever, ever, never), is the name she embraces to become a Renegade. Because Nova doesn’t sleep, she’s been able to hone numerous skills that enable her to become a formidable prodigy. At the beginning, Nova is committed to the Anarchist cause but a few snags and unsuspecting feelings makes her mind a troubled place from time to time. There were moments when I thought she may actually be converted.

I liked all the super powers in the book. I had a notion about Max’s ability long before it was revealed and now that I’ve finished the book, I can guess the direction the story is going in. I’m very interested to see how it all plays out. Obviously Nova’s secret will come out and I wonder how Adrian will handle it. Their feelings grew naturally and I found that refreshing. The story was told from two POV’s, Nova’s and Adrian’s. Both POV’s gave us a distinct insight into their opinions and personalities. I understand Nova better than I did Adrian. I found her emotions easier to read and her intentions clearer.

I really enjoyed Renegades and it is the first book I have read by Marissa Meyer (have only ever heard good things about this woman). I loved the superhero element and it gave me strong X-Men vibes. The helmet especially but also the brutality of the murder at the beginning. This book didn’t hold any punches which was a nice surprise and like most comics, it had a high maturity level. Perfect for me.

“One cannot be brave who has no fear.”


I received this in Shelflove Crate’s November ‘Fight The Power’ box.

You can get it here

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