Daughter of the Pirate King…

‘Daughter of the Pirate King’ by Tricia Levenseller was quick and fun read.

Synopsis: Alosa is the daughter of the Pirate King and he trusts no one else to fulfil this mission but her. Her job is to get herself captured onto an enemy ship so that she may search it for a piece of map; this part, combined with another two pieces, will lead to an island of untold riches. However, her imprisonment is something of a bother and searching the ship is harder than she thought. With time creeping up on her, can she locate it? Perhaps more importantly, how far would she go for it?

Alosa seems to be another badass main character. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who knows me, understands I love a sassy bitch in my books but Alosa seemed to brag more about it. A little too much bark and not enough bite. However, I do understand that she was a prisoner and not much biting would have been permitted. To continue on with her bragging habit, I was surprised to find out near the middle of the book that she was half siren – I thought she would have bragged about it sooner. I liked her though, and her siren half definitely makes for an interesting character. I admire her ability to command men through song and I would kill for her ability to see mens emotions.

Riden was a conflicting character. He seemed very ‘cocky’ when we first met him but over the course of the book he changed and became more aware of Alosa. I suspect he fell for her during all those banter scenes. I have to admit, those interrogations were utterly hilarious at times – pure laugh out loud content there. Riden’s got a good head on him though and I commend him for staying loyal to his brother AND somehow staying on Alosa’s side. I’m interested to see where they go together and I wonder if we’ll manage to find out how/why he is so perceptive to her change.

There were obviously a lot of pirates within the story and some of them we got to know well. Kearan and Enwen not only became friends with Alosa on the ship but I felt my own heart warm to them. I would like to see more of Alosa’s own crew members in the next book. There seem to be a few golden characters there that could be developed nicely. I would love to see where Kearan’s interests end up. I wonder if Draxen would entertain the idea of becoming part of Alosa’s crew, I doubt she would trust him but I have a feeling that Riden may become a Captain now.

The pacing of the book was slow in some parts but considering the subject matter (imprisonment) there’s not much to be done about that. I feel like the author sensed this though and that’s why it’s not too dull in places – there are scenes where the story develops in unsuspecting directions. I’ve read a few reviews on this book and note that some people were uncomfortable/angry at the way sexual assault was handled in this book. I, personally, don’t see an issue with the way it was written or how characters reacted. They are pirates. They live by different rules. Also, when you constantly talk yourself up, people are going to let you get on with things on your own.

Overall, Daughter of the Pirate King was a really good read. It entertained me (I’m not sure when the last time I laughed like that from a book was) and the story genuinely held my attention. Apart from the eternal bragging habit of Alosa’s, I couldn’t find a disastrous fault. I’m very intrigued, and I look forward to the sequel. There is a sequel right?

“Lass, you’ve the face of an angel but the tongue of a snake.” 

Gold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_ImageGold_Star_PNG_Transparent_Clip_Art_Imagehalf star

I received this in Owlcrate’s March ‘Sailors, Ships and Seas’ box.

You can get it here

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