Devils & Thieves…

‘Devils & Thieves’ by Jennifer Rush has a promising plot that scoops you up.

Synopsis: Self-medicating Jemmie has a strong power that the Devil’s need but whenever she is around magic, she feels nauseated. She covets her secret with all her grip but when her best friend is missing, she has to let go of fear and confront her power head on. Jemmie is in the thick of a plot that has resurfaced with a vengeance but will she be able to survive the coming battle?

For an eighteen year old I found Jemmie to be quite childish and I cringed every time she was bratty and jealousy with Crowe. I also didn’t really understand her avoidance to magic? One half of the book she gets sick being around magic and then the next she’s suddenly okay with using her own. I could believe it if was just simply overcoming fear but I thought she started feeling sick because she used the cut she stole from Crowe and it amplified the wrong part of her? So I don’t understand how it could suddenly stop. That snag was a bright red flag to me. It kept drawing my attention.

I liked Crowe though. I found him to be the only likeable character out of the lot and his fierce need to protect people is commendable. I don’t really understand what he sees in Jemmie and his fling with Katrina was juvenile. From the beginning you could see he was interested in Jemmie though and I’m stupefied at how long it took them both to admit their feelings. The angst was unneeded and made the book drag slightly. Darek was a surprising character and I have to admit that we was written the best. His betrayal was so left field it took me a few tries to accept it.

A lot of motorcycle terminology was thrown about the place but I didn’t see much motorcycle activity. I’m familiar enough with MC stories that I know to experience an atmosphere but I didn’t get that in this book. I think maybe the magic overshadowed that air of danger for me. Just because you write a few scenes with bikes in them and use the word ‘prospect’ more than twice doesn’t make it an MC book. I needed more from the Devils. Perhaps a side scene with Crowe carrying out some actual club business? A meeting in a tent doesn’t cut it with me.

Having said ALL of that and despite the negativity dripping from my keyboard, it was a quick and easy read. Did I like the ending? No I didn’t because suddenly Jemmie is very interesting and I can’t read on because the book has no more pages. My frustration is real right now and I think it’s why this review is harsher than it needs to be. The story has a compelling story and I think it needed to be longer. There needed to be more scenes and characters needed to be reworked and tweaked in some places. The story itself is golden, I actually liked it. As a film this would do really well. But the characters and lack of atmosphere brought it down a few pegs from where it should have been.

“I could smell the magic even now, so potent that it collected like a film on the back of my throat. It made me want to breathe deep. It made me want to run.”


You can get it here

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