‘Nyxia’ by Scott Reintgen was definitely a journey.

Synopsis: Emmett has been given the opportunity of a life time; a chance to break the chains. Signing on the dotted line means he must face challenges not from Earth, but from Eden; another world inhabiting life that he must become strong enough to survive, because that’s the end goal – become better than everyone else to secure his spot on the mission to mine Nyxia. A mysterious substance that is worth billions and has capabilities that are beyond their current knowledge.

At times I felt connected to Emmett on a level I didn’t know was possible for a reader and I’m not even sure WHY I felt that way. It was a very surreal experience at points throughout this book but I liked Emmett. I found him to have a quiet strength and I loved the way he categorised his emotions and filed them away. It showed a maturity to him that I felt his competitors lacked. I would like to have learned more about the other competitors; we got to know them all well enough given the situation but going forward I would like to see a few pages of the next book dedicated to ‘confidential files’ on them or maybe the expose that came out on Earth.

The small insight we saw to Babel as a company was out of the blue for me. I didn’t see it’s relevance? Unless it’s there to forecast something in the next book, I didn’t see the need. But of course I won’t know if this is the case until I read the next one. A solid burning question for me. I was constantly swung left and right with all the plot twists that Reintgen sprinkled throughout and I have to say that many of them I did absolutely NOT SEE COMING! Bloody hell, I mean: Kaya? And then Genesis 12? And then Roathy? Emmett’s gonna have a head and heart of steel at the end of this trilogy. My nerves are going to be frayed.

Sometimes I forgot they were in space and they I would chastise myself because it was glaringly obvious they were on a spaceship. I would forget when they were training but something would always make it clear they were far from home like windows, and the doors etc. I liked the space element and I found Babel very intriguing. I suspect more of their secrets will spill out in the next book.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would and found it to be a really interesting and engaging read. I love a good competition in a book and Nyxia did not disappoint when it came to this! I’ve seen some people comparing it to ‘The Hunger Games’ but personally I found Nyxia to be better.

“Break the chains, the key cries. Take what is yours.”


I received this in LitJoy’s September ‘Galaxy Games’ box.

You can get it here

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