The Merciless…

‘The Merciless’ by Danielle Vega was strange, but a pure on the edge of your seat read.

There are five girls in an abandoned house and one of them is being exorcised. Sofia isn’t sure what to believe as she is forced to participate, however one thing is clear: secrets and blood will out. But will they survive the night?

There were times whilst reading this book that I wanted to slap Sofia. Her constant yoyo-ing about whether or not Riley is a mentally stable and a good person was irritating to say the least. Sofia was a likeable enough character and I found her moral compass to be human. Both Brooklyn and Riley had been nice to Sofia prior to that pivotal night so I don’t see why she would believe Riley’s word against Brooklyn. Obviously Riley was right about Brooklyn but I just felt there was too much blind faith there.

Riley was an odd one. Her beliefs and accusations were all correct but I felt her actions were too unstable and erratic (not to mention violent). There were a few moments during the book that I genuinely thought Riley was possessed and that was why she was acting so strange and I think that’s why this book is so great. It messes with your head. Grace was kinda boring in my opinion, she needed to be there as an extra pair of hands though so I’ll let her presence slide. And lets talk about Alexis for a minute. That girl is creepy AF. The hair pulling is disgusting, her manic laughing for apparently no reason is very worrying and the fact she poisoned her own sister is murder-ific. No wonder Alexis and Riley are such good friends. They’re both mentally unhinged.

At the end a revelation comes out. Sofia is demonically touched in some form or another. Which answered a question I had throughout my reading. ‘Why does Sofia get those hallucinations of Brooklyn’s glowing red eyes?’. I guess they weren’t hallucinations and Sofia was staring at the truth of Brooklyn’s possession. Another question I had was, ‘What is Sofia’s real confession?’. The answer to this question explains why she is demonic… She intentionally killed someone, just like Brooklyn did with Mr Willis.

This book was bizarre, just like most scary films (I say films because this is my first scary book and have nothing else to compare it to). Having said that, I think it would do well as a film; it reminded me a little of The Craft There were so many odd things that scared me on their own in this book, like Alexis’ hair pulling and unbalanced giggles. I can imagine sitting in a cinema late at night absolutely rigid with fear.

This book was super out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I read it on Halloween or it was because the book isn’t something I would ever think to pick up. Great, creepy beginning of a series.

“I stare at the trail of blood around my wrist and feel something new. Hunger.”


You can get it here

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